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Philips SCF870/20 Manual Page 13

Philips avent combined steamer and blender scf870/20.
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Unplug the appliance and remove the jar from the motor unit (Fig. 19).
Remove the lid from the jar and turn the lid upside down (Fig. 20).
remove the sieve and the valve from the lid. (Fig. 21)
Remove the blade unit from the jar (Fig. 22).
Clean the blade unit under the tap thoroughly, immediately after use. Make sure you also
rinse the inside of the tube of the blade unit (Fig. 23).
Handle the blade unit very carefully. The cutting edges are very sharp.
Note: If you want to clean the blade unit more thoroughly, you can also place it in the dishwasher after
you have rinsed it.
Clean the other parts that have come into contact with food in hot water with some
washing-up liquid immediately after use.
Note: All parts, except the motor unit, can also be cleaned in the dishwasher.
If necessary, clean the motor unit with a moist cloth.
Check if any food particles have entered the water tank. You can do this by looking into the
filling opening to see if there are any food particles in it or by checking if the water has an
unusual colour and by smelling if the water tank produces an unpleasant or a burnt smell. If
this is the case, clean the water tank (see section 'Descaling the water tank' in this chapter).
Leave the lid of the filling opening open to prevent bacterial growth.
Descaling the water tank
If food particles enter the water tank, they may get stuck to the heating element in the water tank
during the next steaming processes. These particles cannot be removed by just rinsing the water
In addition, you have to descale the appliance every four weeks to ensure it continues to work
100% effectively. To reduce scale build-up, it is helpful to use pre-boiled or filtered water in the
To remove food particles inside the water tank and to descale the appliance, follow the descaling
instructions below.
Make sure the appliance is switched off.
Add one sachet of citric acid (10g) to 200ml of warm water.
Note: You can also use a solution of 150ml water and 50ml white vinegar (8% acetic acid).
Fill the water tank with the solution of citric acid (or vinegar) and water.
Close the lid of the filling opening.
Place the empty jar (without any food inside) fully assembled with blade unit and lid on the
motor unit in steaming position (i.e. with the lid pointing downwards).
Turn the control knob to steaming position.
The steaming light lights up orange to indicate that the appliance is steaming.
Switch off the appliance after 5-6 min of steaming and unplug it.
Pour the used solution of citric acid (or vinegar) and water out of the water tank. (Fig. 24)
Rinse the water tank and the jar thoroughly with fresh water several times.
Fill the tank with 200ml water and let the appliance complete a steaming process of 20
minutes with the empty jar before you use the appliance with food again.
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