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Philips HX6992/03 Manual page 14

Rechargeable sonic toothbrush
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Why doesn't the Sonicare
toothbrush work?
Why do I feel a tickling sensation
when I use the Sonicare?
Why is there a brief pause in the
bristle motion while I'm brushing?
The brush head chatters against my
teeth. What can I do about this?
Why does the toothbrush seem
less powerful?
Why doesn't the mode
button work during brushing?
Why doesn't the UV sanitiser
light go on?
Do I need a special charger if I
travel with my Sonicare?
Frequently asked questions
This chapter lists the questions most frequently asked about the appliance.
If you cannot find the answer to your question, contact the Consumer
Care Centre in your country.
You may need to recharge the Sonicare. Charge the Sonicare for
at least 24 hours.
The socket may not be live. The electricity supply to sockets in
mirror cabinets over washbasins or shaver sockets in bathrooms
may be cut off when the light is switched off..
You may need to reattach or replace the brush head.
You may experience a slight tickling/tingling sensation when you
use Sonicare for the first time. As you become accustomed to
brushing with the Sonicare, this sensation diminishes.
This is the Quadpacer feature reminding you to move to a new
section of your mouth. This feature enables you to spend equal
time brushing all areas of the mouth (see chapter 'Using the
Sonicare, section 'Brushing instructions').
To avoid this, keep the brush head properly oriented, with the
bristles placed on the gumline at a slight angle.
You may need to charge the Sonicare.
The Easy-start feature may be on. Deactivate the Easy-start
feature (see chapter 'Features').
You may need to replace the brush head.
Brushing modes should be selected prior to switching on the
You may need to plug the sanitiser into a live wall socket.
You may need to shut the sanitiser door.
You may need to replace the UV light bulb (see chapter
The travel charger, the deluxe charger and the sanitiser can be
used at common worldwide voltages between 100-240V AC, at
either 50 or 60Hz. All you need is a simple plug adapter.
Travel tip: The Sonicare battery is designed to last up to 3 weeks
between charges.

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