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Storage And Maintenance - Samsung BN68-02580A-05 User Manual

5+ series 540/550/590.
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Other Information
The TV is making a humming noise.
Image Retention (Burn In) Issue.
The cable/set top box remote control
doesn't turn the TV on or off, or adjust the
Caption on TV menu is greyed out.
A "Mode Not Supported" message
There is a plastic smell from the TV.
The TV Signal Information is unavailable
in the Self Diagnostic Test menu.
The TV is tilted to the side.
The channel menu is greyed out
Your settings are lost after 30 minutes or
every time the TV is turned off.
You have intermittent loss of audio or
You see small particles when you look
closely at the edge of the frame of the TV.
The PIP menu is not available.
POP (TV's internal banner ad) appears on
the screen.
Some of above pictures and functions are available at specific models only.

Storage and Maintenance

Do not spray water or a cleaning agent directly onto the
product. Any liquid that goes into the product may cause a
failure, fire, or electric shock.
Solutions and Explanations
• Plasma TVs typically make a soft humming sound. This is normal. It's caused by the electrical charges
that are used to create the images on the screen.
• If the humming sound is loud, you may have set the brightness on the TV too high. Try setting the
brightness lower.
• You can also have loud humming if the back of your Plasma TV is too close to a wall or other hard
surface. Also try rerouting your connection cables.
• Improper installation of wall mount can create excessive noise.
• To minimize the possibility of screen burn, this unit is equipped with screen burn reduction technology.
Pixel Shift technology enables you to set picture movement up/down (Vertical Line) and side to side
(Horizontal Dot).
• Program the Cable/Set remote control to operate the TV. Refer to the Cable/Set user manual for the
• Caption can not be selected in the TV menu when connected via HDMI or Component (p. 24).
• Caption must be activated on the external device (p. 24).
• Check the supported resolution of the TV, and adjust the external device's output resolution
accordingly. Refer to the resolution settings on page 10 of this manual.
• This smell is normal and will dissipate over time.
• This function is only available with digital channels from an Antenna / RF/Coax connection (p. 26).
• Remove the base stand from the TV and reassemble it.
• The Channel menu is only available when the TV source is selected.
• If the TV is in the Store Demo mode, it will reset audio and picture settings every 30 minutes. Change
the settings from Store Demo mode to Home Use mode in the Plug & Play procedure. Press the
button to select TV mode, and go to
• Check the cable connections and reconnect them.
• Loss of audio or video can be caused by using overly rigid or thick cables. Make sure the cables are
flexible enough for long term use. If mounting the TV to a wall, we recommend using cables with 90
degree connectors.
• This is part of the product's design and is not a defect.
• PIP functionality is only available when you are using a HDMI, PC or Component source.
• Select Home Use under Plug & Play mode. For details, refer to Plug & Play Feature (p. 9).
→ Setup → Plug & Play → ENTERE (p. 9).
Clean the product with a soft cloth dapped in a small amount
of water.


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