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Troubleshooting For Anynet - Samsung BN68-02580A-05 User Manual

5+ series 540/550/590.
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Troubleshooting for Anynet+

Anynet+ does not work.
I want to start Anynet+.
I want to exit Anynet+.
The message "Connecting to
Anynet+ device..." appears on the
The Anynet+ device does not play.
The connected device is not
The TV Program cannot be
The TV sound is not output
through the receiver.
Possible Solution
• Check if the device is an Anynet+ device. The Anynet+ system supports Anynet+ devices only.
• Only one receiver (home theater) can be connected.
• Check if the Anynet+ device power cord is properly connected.
• Check the Anynet+ device's Video/Audio/HDMI cable connections.
• Check whether Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC) is set to On in the Anynet+ setup menu.
• Check whether the TV remote control is in TV mode.
• Check whether the remote control is Anynet+ compatible.
• Anynet+ doesn't work in certain situations. (Searching channels, operating Media Play or Plug & Play (initial
setup), etc.)
• When connecting or removing the HDMI cable, please make sure to search devices again or turn your TV off
and on again.
• Check if the Anynet+ Function of Anynet+ device is set on.
• Check if the Anynet+ device is properly connected to the TV and check if the Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC) is set to
On in the Anynet+ Setup menu.
• Press the
button to display the Anynet+ menu and select a menu you want.
• Select View TV in the Anynet+ menu.
• Press the
button on the TV remote control and select a non- Anynet+ device.
• Press z, PRE-CH, and
only when a tuner-embedded Anynet+ device is not connected.)
• You cannot use the remote control when you are configuring Anynet+ or switching to a view mode.
• Use the remote control when the Anynet+ setting or switching to view mode is complete.
• You cannot use the play function when Plug & Play (initial setup) is in progress.
• Check whether or not the device supports Anynet+ functions.
• Check whether or not the HDMI cable is properly connected.
• Check whether Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC) is set to On in the Anynet+ setup menu.
• Search Anynet+ devices again.
• You can connect an Anynet+ device using the HDMI cable only. Some HDMI cables may not support Anynet+
• If connection is terminated because there has been a power interruption or the HDMI cable has been
disconnected, please repeat the device scan.
• Check whether the antenna jack on the recording device is properly connected.
• Connect the optical cable between TV and the receiver.
to change the TV mode. (Note that the channel button operates


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