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Memory card portable recorder/player
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A D V A N C E D A V C - I N T R A C O D E C A N D P 2 C A R D ' S E X T E N D E D C A P A C I T Y E N A B L E L O N G - T I M E
R E C O R D I N G A N D B R O A D C A S T I N G O F H I G H - Q U A L I T Y H D I M A G E S
Reliable, Low-Cost P2 Card with 32 GB Capacity
The compact and light P2 card holds 32 GB* (AJ-P2C032RG) of data. The
new AJ-HPM110 P2 Mobile records AV data as MXF files, which expedites
and streamlines news gathering and program production. Because the P2
card has no moving mechanisms, it offers outstanding reliability and high
resistance to impact, vibration and temperature fluctuations. Reusable
many times, the P2 card can reduce operating costs and minimize
environmental impact.
*Total card capacity includes space for data management such as system data; therefore, actual
usable area is less than the capacity indicated on the card.
Six P2 Card Slots
With its six card slots, the AJ-HPM110 holds six 32 GB P2 cards for
recording over 3 hours of DVCPRO HD, 8 hours of DVCPRO HD /
AVC-Intra 100 720 24p native or 4 hours of AVC-Intra 100 1080 24p
native content. It will play a continuous, extended clip recorded in
sequence onto six P2 cards. Or, you can mount five P2 cards recorded
using a P2 cam, and output the playlist editing result to a sixth P2 card.
*For detailed recording times, see the table entitled "Input Signals and Corresponding Recording
Formats" on page 4.
Optional Board for AVC-Intra Recording and Playback
The AJ-YBX200G codec board
(purchased separately) adds AVC-
Intra codec recording and
playback capabilities to the
AJ-HPM110. The AVC-Intra codec
is based on the advanced motion
image compression technology of
the H.264 standard, which brings
superb image quality, a highly-
efficient encoding, and
outstanding editing precision to
broadcasting applications. The intra-frame compression system of this
codec ensures stable quality for fast-motion images, degradation-free
frame-by-frame editing, and fast processing with a multi-core CPU. The
high-accuracy intra prediction process (see diagram below) and advanced,
context-adaptive entropy coding technology combine to provide twice the
intra-frame compression efficiency of MPEG-2.
•Sample Image of the Intra Prediction Process
Left: Original image Center: Intra-frame predictive image
Right: Difference image obtained from subtracting the intra-frame predictive image from the original image. This shows the high accuracy of intra prediction.
High-Quality Images with AVC-Intra 100,
Low Bit Rate with AVC-Intra 50
AVC-Intra 100 records high-quality, full-pixel, full-sampling HD images
(1920 x 1080, 4:2:2, 10-bit) at the same bit rate as DVCPRO HD, while
AVC-Intra 50 provides DVCPRO HD-level images (1440 x 1080, 4:2:0, 10-
bit) at a low bit rate and low operating cost. The AJ-HPM110 can be set to
either mode to meet a wide range of HD production needs.
Professional and Broadcast
News or Varieties
Endless Recording with Loop Rec
The loop rec function continuously records video data onto available
memory card areas. When the card becomes full, older data is deleted to
free up the recording area, resulting in loss-less, endless recording. When
used with cameras for time-sensitive, information gathering like weather
and news reporting, the loop rec function holds the latest video data for a
predetermined time period.
Information Camera (HD/SD)
First Card
Blank area
Recording start
The first turn
of Loop-Rec
The second turn
of Loop-Rec
*Image data is recorded continuously in available areas (in the order A
When the remaining recording time drops to 30 seconds, data in area A is deleted, and data is
recorded in area C until it becomes full (0 seconds remaining), then data is recorded in area D.
Eight Channels of 16-bit Digital Audio
AVC-Intra and DVCPRO HD offer superb 16-bit linear PCM sound quality,
with eight embedded channels for recording in 5.1-channel surround
sound. The AJ-HPM110 P2 Mobile uses HD-SDI for independent
input/output and editing of all eight channels. The SD mode supports
four-channel recording and playback in all codec systems (DVCPRO 50,
Second Card
Third Card
Recorded area
C) of the P2 card.


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