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Power And Charging - Motorola MOTONAV TN30 User Manual

Motorola car gps receiver user's guide
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power and charging

Your MOTONAV TN30 should be powered using the included car charger.
When you disconnect the charger (or turn vehicle ignition off), it prompts
you to touch the screen to switch to battery power. If you do not touch the
screen, it will turn off after 30 seconds.
Please note the following:
• If powering down your MOTONAV TN30 using the Power button,
it must also be powered on using the Power button.
• If your MOTONAV TN30 turns off after disconnecting the external
power source, it turns back on when external power is restored or
if you use Power button.
• If your MOTONAV TN30 is not used for more than 7 days, it enters
a power saving mode that requires a Power button press to exit.
• When operating on battery power, the indicator light flashes red
when the battery is low.
• Using another charger to charge your MOTONAV TN30 may not
be as effective.
• The included car charger will not power Motorola phones.
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