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Motorola DROID Getting Started Manual page 2

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Manual - 619 pages
User manual - 114 pages
Setup manual - 12 pages


Device Layout
Touch Screen
Search Key
• Search the Web and device
content including Apps,
Contacts and Music
Home Key
• Returns you to home
Power/Lock Key
screen from any screen
• Powers device on/off
• Locks touch screen
Menu Key
• Turns display on/off
• Opens application menu
Back Key
• Returns you to previous
Slider QWERTY Keypad
Directional Key
• To enter numbers
with Center Select
Search Key
and symbols
Micro USB Charger/Data Port
Menu Key
Charge and Power On
5 Megapixel
3.5mm Audio Jack
Your Device
Charger Head
• Plugs into wall outlet
Charger/Data Cable
• Can be used for charging or
connecting to your PC
This end to
charger head.
This end to micro-USB
port of device.
Remember to fully charge your battery before use.
NOTE: Your device is always on when being charged.
To turn your device on or
off, press and hold the
Power/Lock Key
Google Account Set-up
Touch Screen Tips
When you turn your device on for the first time, you will
There are several touch motions recognized by the device:
be prompted to set up your existing Gmail account. If you
Touch – to select a menu item or open an application
don't have one, you can create one. Touch the Android to
start the process.
Touch and hold – to grab an object that you want to
move or open an option menu
Drag – to move an object or scroll slowly on a list or web
Flick – to scroll quickly on a list or web page (touch the
screen again to stop the scrolling action)
Double tap – to zoom in/out on a web page or picture
Now your Gmail™, Google contacts, and Google calendar
events will all be loaded to your device automatically.
Notifications let you know when an event has occurred
Use the area below to record your Google account
that may require your attention such as voicemail, missed
information for future reference.
calls, text messages, etc.
To view your notifications, touch the status bar at the top
of the screen and drag it down. Touch each notification
to view the details. When you are done, touch the Home
Password: _____________________________________
to return to the home screen.
Lock and Unlock Screen
Home Screen
Your home screen has 3 panels. Touch the Home Key
to go to the home screen.
Your display will go dark if untouched for a period of
time. Press the Power/Lock Key
to wake it up again.
This lock screen will appear.
Center Panel
Left Panel
Personalize: Touch and
hold any open area on
Sleep Mode: From any screen
your home screen to add
you can put your display into
shortcuts, widgets, folders
sleep mode. Just press the
or change wallpaper.
Power/Lock Key . This will
To remove an item from
prevent false key presses as well
your home screen, touch
as help you conserve battery life.
and hold the item then
drag it to a trash bin that
will appear at the
bottom of the screen.
To rearrange the items on
your home screen, touch
and hold each item then
drag it to its new position.
Slide your finger to the
To unlock the screen, touch the unlock icon
and drag it
right to see the left panel
of your Home screen.
to the right.
Applications Tab
From the home screen, touch the Applications button
to open the Applications tab. Open an application
simply by touching it.
Right Panel
Enjoy the best of Google
applications such as Google
Search by Voice: Touch
Maps, Gmail, Google Talk and
icon then speak search
word to start search
Google Search: Touch
text box to open virtual
Set an alarm.
keypad (slider QWERTY
must be closed), then
enter text to start
Schedule a calendar event.
Applications Button:
Send a text message.
Touch button to access
all applications stored
on your device.
Play music.
Home Key:
Touch and hold to bring
up most recently used
Slide your finger to the left
to see the right panel of your
View or change your device settings such as call
Home screen.
ringtone, screen timeout, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, location and
security management.



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