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Special Features - Kenwood VR-9070 Instruction Manual

Kenwood instruction manual audio video surround receiver
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Before applying the power

Special features

True home theater sound
This receiver incorporates a wide variety of surround modes to bring
you maximum enjoyment from your video software and audio source.
Select a surround mode according to your equipment or the software
you are going to play and enjoy!
• THX Surround EX
• Dolby Digital EX
• Dolby Pro Logic IIx, Dolby Pro Logic II
• Dolby Digital
• Dolby Virtual Speaker
• Dolby Headphone
• DTS Neo:6
• DTS 96/24
• DSP Mode
ACTIVE EQ mode will produce a more dynamic sound quality in any
condition. You can enjoy a more impressive sound effect when ACTIVE
EQ is turned on.
GAME mode function
When you connect a game machine to the AV AUX jacks on the front
panel, the input selector of the receiver switches automatically to
"GAME" and the optimum sound field for enjoying games is set.
This feature improves your convenience in playing video games.
Universal IR (Infrared) remote control
In addition to the basic receiver, the remote control supplied with this
receiver can also operate almost all of your remote controllable audio
and video components. Just follow the simple setup procedure to
register the components you have connected.
Video up conversion
This receiver can convert the incoming composite video signals to S-
Video signal.
If your monitor TV has S-Video jacks, it is not necessary to do the
composite video connections, just use an S-Video cord to connect the
receiver and your monitor TV.


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