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Remote Control Unit - Kenwood DV-705 Instruction Manual

Kenwood instruction manual multiple dvd/vcd/cd player.
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DVD player unit
Playback will not start even after a title is se-
The parental level cannot be changed.
The voice or subtitle language selected in the
initial setting is not played.
No message appears on the TV screen after
a key is pressed.
Menu screen messages are not shown in the
desired language.
DVD disc cannot be played.
P.B.C.-compatible VCD cannot be played with
menu playback.

Remote control unit

Remote control operation is not possible.
Inhibition icon
The inhibition icon is displayed
and remote control is not pos-
Apparatus Claims of U.S. Patent Nos. 4,631,603, 4,577,216,
4,819,098 and 4,907,093 licensed for limited viewing uses only.
This product incorporates copyright protection technology
that is protected by method claims of certain U.S. patents and
other intellectual property rights owned by Macrovision Cor-
poration and other rights owners. Use of this copyright pro-
tection technology must be authorized by Macrovision Cor-
poration, and is intended for home and other limited viewing
uses only unless otherwise authorized by Macrovision Cor-
poration. Reverse engineering or disassembly is prohibited.
[ For U.S.A. and Canada ]
Consumers should note that not all high definition televi-
sion sets are fully compatible with this product and may
cause artifacts to be displayed in the picture. In case of 525
progressive scan picture problems, it is recommended that
the user switch the connection to the "STANDARD DEFI-
NITION" output. If there are questions regarding our TV set
compatibility with this model 525p DVD player, please
contact our customer service center.
÷ A viewing restriction (PARENTAL) has been
set for the disc.
÷ You have forgotten the password.
÷ The DVD disc being played does not contain
the recording of the selected voice or subtitle
÷ The function for displaying message on the TV
screen (On-Screen Messages) is set to off.
÷ The menu language function (MENU) is not
÷ DVD disc cannot be played when the se-
quential mode of the player is set to "SEQ.2".
÷ Menu playback is not available when P.B.C.
is Off or the sequential play mode of the
player is set to "SEQ.2".
÷ Batteries are exhausted.
÷ The remote control is too far away from the
system, the controlling angle is deviated or
there is an obstacle in between.
÷ Playback is restricted intentionally by the
software producer.
Manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories.
"Dolby" and the double-D symbol are trademarks of Dolby
"DTS" and "DTS Digital Out" are trade-
marks of Digital Theater Systems, Inc.
In case of difficulty
DV-705/DVF-R5070 (EN/K,P,E,Y)
÷ Check the viewing restriction level (PA-
RENTAL) setting.
÷ Set the initial setup to the factory setup
with the following procedure.
1 During stop mode, press the MENU key
on the remote to enter "Control Panel"
2 Select the "System" icon, then press the Cur-
sor right (3) key.
3 Select "Restore Setup Info".
4 Press the numeric keys as shown below.
Press 1, 3, 9, 7, then press the
ENTER key.
÷ Use a DVD disc containing the recording of
the selected voice or subtitle language.
÷ Set On-Screen Messages to on.
÷ Set the disc menu language function
(MENU) as required.
÷ Switch it to "SEQ.1".
÷ Switch it to P.B.C. On or "SEQ.1".
÷ Replace with new batteries.
÷ Operate the unit inside the remote control-
lable range.
÷ The operation is inhibited. Please try an-
other operation.


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