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Frigidaire FCCG3627AS Use & Care Manual page 6

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• Stepping, leaning, or sitting on the
door or drawers of this appliance
can result in serious injuries and also
cause damage to the appliance.
• Never cover any slots, holes or pas-
sages in the oven bottom or cover
and entire rack with materials such
as aluminum foil. Doing so blocks air
fl ow through the oven and may cause
carbon monoxide poisoning. Alumi-
num foil linings may also trap heat,
causing a fi re hazard.
• Do not use oven or warmer drawer (if
equipped) for storage.
• Never use your appliance as a space
heater to heat or warm the room.
Doing so may result in carbon monox-
ide poisoning and overheating of the
• When heating fat or grease, watch it
closely. Grease may catch fi re if it be-
comes too hot.
• Do not use water or fl our on grease
fi res. Smother fi re or fl ame or use dry
chemical or foam-type extinguisher.
Cover the fi re with a pan lid or use
baking soda.
• Use dry potholders. Moist or damp
potholders on hot surfaces may result
in burns from steam. Do not let pot-
holders touch hot cooking areas. Do
not use towels or other bulky cloths.
• Do not heat unopened food contain-
ers - Build-up of pressure may cause
container to burst and result in injury.
• Wear proper apparel - Loose-fi tting
or hanging garments should never be
worn while using the appliance. Do
not let clothing or other fl ammable
materials contact hot surfaces.
• Do not touch surface burners or ele-
ments, areas near these burners or el-
ements, interior surfaces of the oven,
or the warmer drawer (if equipped).
Surface burners and elements may
be hot even though they appear cool.
Areas near surface burners and ele-
ments may become hot enough to
cause burns. During and after use,
do not touch, or let clothing or oth-
er fl ammable materials touch these
areas until they are cool. These areas
may include the cooktop, surfaces
facing the cooktop, oven vent areas,
oven door, and oven window.
• Do not attempt to operate the ap-
pliance during a power failure. If the
power fails, always turn off the appli-
ance. If the appliance is not turned
off and the power resumes, electric
surface elements may resume opera-
tion when power is restored. Once the
power resumes, reset the clock and
the oven function.



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