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Frigidaire FCCG3627AS Use & Care Manual page 4

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Read and follow the below instructions
and precautions for unpacking, installing,
and servicing your appliance.
Remove all tape and packaging before us-
ing the appliance. Destroy the carton and
plastic bags after unpacking the appliance.
Never allow children to play with pack-
aging material. Do not remove the wiring
label and other literature attached to the
appliance. Do not remove model/serial
number plate.
Cold temperatures can damage the elec-
tronic control. When using this appliance
for the fi rst time, or when the appliance
has not been used for an extended period
of time, be sure the appliance has been in
temperatures above 32ºF (0ºC) for at least
3 hours before turning on the power to the
Never modify or alter the construction of
the appliance by removing the leveling
legs, panels, wire covers, anti-tip brackets/
screws, or any other part of the appliance.
Be sure to have an appropriate foam-type
fi re extinguisher available, visible, and easi-
ly accessible located near the appliance.
Air curtain or other overhead range
hoods which operate that operate by
blowing a downward air fl ow onto a
range or cooktop, shall not be used in
conjunction with gas ranges or cooktops
other than when the range or cooktop
and hood have been designed, tested,
and listed by an independent test labo-
ratory for use in combination with each
• Avoid fi re hazard or electrical shock.
Failure to follow this warning may
cause serious injury, fi re, or death.
• Avoid fi re hazard or electrical shock.
Do not use an adapter plug, use an
extension cord, or remove grounding
prong from the power cord. Failure to
follow this warning may cause serious
injury, fi re, or death.
Proper Installation—Be sure your appliance
is properly installed and grounded by a
qualifi ed technician. In the United States,
install in accordance with the National
Fuel Gas Code ANSI Z223.1/NPFA No. 54,
latest edition and National Electrical Code
NFPA No. 70 latest edition, and local elec-
trical code requirements. In Canada, install
in accordance with CAN/CGA B149.1 and
CAN/CGA B149.2 and CSA Standard C22.1,
Canadian Electrical code, Part 1-latest
editions and local electrical code require-
ments. Install only per installation instruc-
tions provided in the literature package for
this appliance.
For personal safety, this appliance must be
properly grounded. For maximum safety,
the power cord must be securely connect-
ed to an electrical outlet or junction box
that is the correct voltage, is correctly
polarized and properly grounded, and pro-
tected by a circuit breaker in accordance
with local codes.



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