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Installation - Harman-Kardon MAS 100 Owner's Manual

High-performance audio system.
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Carefully unpack the controller, amplifier, speakers, FM antenna, DAB
antenna (MAS 110 systems only), analog audio cable, ribbon cable,
detachable AC power cord, The Bridge II dock for iPod (Some versions
of MAS 110 system only), remote control and batteries.
Open the battery compartment of the remote control by firmly grasp-
ing the portion of the remote that has the Harman Kardon logo and
pulling it downward. Install the batteries in the remote control, follow-
ing the "+" and "–" symbols in the battery compartment to maintain
the correct polarity.
Danger of explosion if battery is incorrectly replaced.
Replace only with the same or equivalent type.
With the controller stacked on top of the amplifier, carefully insert one
end of the ribbon cable into the connector on the rear panel of the
controller, and the other end into the corresponding connector on the
rear panel of the amplifier.
Connect the FM antenna to its terminal. The system requires a female
connector on the antenna. For MAS 110 systems only, connect the
DAB antenna to its terminal.
Install The Bridge II dock for iPod (this dock is included with Some
versions of MAS 110 and is available separately for other models;
iPod is not included).
Holding the cable with the wider part of the connector at the bot-
tom, gently squeeze the tabs on each side as you insert it into the
connector on the rear panel of the controller.
Place the black insert in The Bridge II, making sure to push it all
the way down. See Figure 1.
Do not place an iPod in The Bridge II unless both the black
insert and a dock adapter are installed. Otherwise, the iPod will not
connect properly, and both it and The Bridge II may sustain damage
that is not covered by the warranty.
Table 1 – Select the Correct The Bridge II Insert
The Bridge II Insert
12, 14
iPod Model
iPod nano, 1st and 2nd generations
iPod, 5th generation (60GB, 80GB) and iPod classic (160GB)
iPod, 5th generation (30GB) and iPod classic (80GB)
iPod nano, 3rd generation and 4th generation
iPod touch – install large bumper
Dock iPod
Install Dock Adapter
Install Insert
Locate the dock adapter that was included with your iPod, or
select one of the included dock adapters by referring to Table 1.
If your iPod is an older model that does not appear in Table 1 and
that did not include an adapter, contact Apple Inc. to purchase
Place the adapter in The Bridge II insert, as shown in Figure 1.
Remove the iPod from any case, and dock it in The Bridge II, as
shown in Figure 1.
The MAS 100/MAS 110 features eight audio inputs for other devices,
such as portable players. This step is optional, and may be skipped if
you have no external devices. If your player has:
3.5mm Analog audio output or headphone jack: Plug an analog
audio cable (not included) into the output or headphone jack
and the front mini-jack, which is located on the right side of the
Pair of RCA-type analog audio outputs: Plug one end of a two-
conductor interconnect cable (one cable is included; purchase
additional cables for other devices) into the player, and the other
end into the TV or Auxiliary Input jacks on the rear panel of the
MAS 100/MAS 110. Use the same-color connector for each chan-
nel (usually red for right, and white or black for left).
Figure 1:
Docking an iPod
in The Bridge II


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