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Cooktop Installation; Checking Operation; Model And Serial Number Location; Before You Call For Service - Frigidaire 318205408(0901) Installation Instructions Manual

Frigidaire electric cooktop installation instructions


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Cooktop Installation

1. Visually inspect the cooktop for damage. Also make
sure all cooktop screws are tight (see Figure 6).
Figure 6
2. Install the retainer brackets (See Figure 7).
The retainer brackets MUST be installed, to meet
local codes or, in their absence, with the National
Electrical Code ANSI/NFPA No. 70—latest edition, or
with CSA Standard C22.1, Canadian Electrical Code,
Part 1 (see Figure 7).
8-18 x 3/8
Retainer bracket
Figure 7
3. Set the cooktop into the countertop cutout.
NOTE: Do not use caulking compound; cooktop should
be removable for service when needed.
Do not remove the nylon spacers on
the edges of the cooktop. These spacers center the
cooktop in the space provided. The cooktop must
be centered to prevent excess heat buildup that may
result in heat damage or fire (see Figure 8).
8-18 x 5/8
6 Nylon spacers
Position brackets
on unit cutout
center line

Checking Operation

Refer to the Use and Care Guide for operation.
Do not touch cooktop glass or elements.
they may be hot enough to burn you.

Model and Serial Number Location

the serial plate is located under the cooktop.
When ordering parts for or making inquires about your
cooktop, always be sure to include the model and serial
numbers and a lot number or letter from the serial plate
on your cooktop.

Before You Call for Service

Read the Before You Call for Service Checklist and
operating instructions in your Use and Care Guide.
It may save you time and expense. the list includes
common occurrences that are not the result of defective
workmanship or materials in this appliance.
2 Retainer
Figure 8


Table of Contents

Table of Contents