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Venturi (Open) Burner Models - Frigidaire 318200657 Use & Care Manual

Frigidaire gas cooktop use & care manual
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General Cleaning

Venturi (open) Burner Models

(some models)
To Raise and Lower the Top for Cleaning
The cooktop is hinged and can be raised to clean the area underneath. Be sure all cooktop controls are turned to OFF and burner
grates are cool.
1. Remove controls knobs, burner grates and spillover bowls. Set aside.
2. Grasp the front of the cooktop and lift. Some models have a swing-up rod to support the cooktop in its raised position.
3. Clean under the cooktop.
4. Lower the top gently after lowering the support rod (some models).
5. Replace bowls, grates and control knobs.
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