Service Prevention Checklist - Electrolux Wave-Touch 137018100 A Use And Care Manual

Wave-touch front-load gas & electric dryer
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Service Prevention Checklist, con't
Excessive wrinkling.
Dryer is overloaded.
Items left in dryer too long.
Insufficient sorting of items.
Drying temperature too high.
Scratching or chipping
Foreign objects such as coins, pins, clips or
of the drum finish.
buttons are inside the dryer.*
Permanently attached items such as belt
buckles, zippers and fasteners may be hitting
the inside of the drum.*
*Drum damage caused by foreign objects or permanently attached items is not covered by the warranty.
Solutions to Common Problems
Do not overload. See "Operating Instructions."
Remove items as soon as cycle ends.
See "Operating Instructions."
Follow fabric care label instructions.
Always remove foreign objects from pockets before
laundering. Remove objects from drum and restart
It may be necessary to sew a scrap of material
securely around ornaments before drying to prevent
scratching and damage to the dryer.

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents