Storage; Troubleshooting - Husqvarna 45-05082-669 Owner's Manual

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• Lower the snow thrower to the ground.
• Remove the snow thrower from the tractor.
• Clean the snow thrower thoroughly. Wash off any salt
deposit which may have dried on the thrower and
• Any bare metal that has become exposed should be
painted or coated with a light oil to prevent rust.
• Store in a dry place.
• Lower the snow thrower to the ground.
• Release the spring tension from the auger belt idler
arm on the bottom of the clutch/idler assembly.
• Remove the auger drive belt from the clutch/idler
assembly. See figure 33 on page 17.
• Disconnect the wire harness from the snow thrower
limit switches. Tie the ends of the wire harness to the
top of the winch assembly. See figure 29 on page 15.
• Disconnect the winch cable from the snow thrower.
• Remove the two clevis pins that attach the snow
thrower to the tractor. See figure 28 on page 15.
• Pull the snow thrower off of the front of the tractor.
Spiral augers don't turn
Clogged discharge chute
Snow thrower stalls tractor engine
Front wheels slide instead of steering
Snow thrower rides up over snow.
Snow thrower won't raise or lower.
Winch doesn't shut off when snow
thrower is lowered.


• Remove the clutch/idler assembly. (The two hanger
• Remove the drive belt from the engine pulley.
• If a front mounted attachment is to be used, remove


1. Upper or lower V belt too loose.
2. Upper or lower V belt broken.
3. Shear bolts are sheared.
1. Tractor ground speed too fast.
2. Tractor throttle set too low.
3. Snow too deep.
4. Snow melts during contact with the
snow thrower.
1. Object jammed in spiral auger.
2. Hard or heavy snow.
1. Not enough traction at front wheels.
1. Tractor ground speed too fast.
2. Bottom snow is icy or hard packed.
1. Winch motor not operating.
1. Limit switch is not completely
brackets and the two shoulder bolts may be left
attached to the tractor frame.)
the side plates and the winch and bracket assembly
from the tractor. Be sure to re-install any bolts that
were removed from the tractor frame when the snow
thrower was installed.
1. Increase tension on V belt.
2. Replace V belt.
3. Replace shear bolts.
1. Use lower tractor gear.
2. Increase to full throttle.
3. Raise the snow thrower.
4. Allow snow thrower to cool to outdoor
temperature before using
1. Stop engine, disengage the snow
thrower clutch and clear the auger.
2. Increase engine to full throttle and
decrease ground speed.
1. Increase scraper plate clearance by
lowering skid shoes.
1. Reduce ground speed.
2. Lower the skid shoes so that front of
skid shoe is lower than the rear.
1. Tighten battery terminals.
2. Tighten winch motor terminals.
3. Make sure all plastic connectors are
securely snapped together.
4. Make sure the up and down stop
switches (item 21, p. 24) are securely
1. Adjust the bolt on the front of the lift
stop bracket. (See page 20.)

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Table of Contents

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