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Using Optional Equipment; Auxiliary Audio Equipment - Sony CDX-GT640UI Operating Instructions Manual

Fm/mw/lw compact disc player
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Table of Contents
A.SCRL (Auto Scroll)
Scrolls long items automatically: "ON," "OFF."
LOCAL (Local Seek Mode)
– "ON": to only tune into stations with stronger
– "OFF": to tune normal reception.
(Monaural Mode)
Selects monaural reception mode to improve
poor FM reception: "ON," "OFF."
Restricts reception to a specific region: "ON,"
"OFF" (page 13).
ZAP.TIME (Zappin Time)
Selects the playback time for the ZAPPIN
– "ZAP.TIME-1 (about 6 seconds),"
"ZAP.TIME-2 (about 9 seconds),"
"ZAP.TIME-3 (about 30 seconds)."
LPF (Low Pass Filter)
Selects the subwoofer cut-off frequency: "OFF,"
"80Hz," "100Hz," "120Hz," "140Hz," "160Hz."
LPF NORM/REV (Low Pass Filter Normal/
Selects the subwoofer phase: "NORM," "REV."
HPF (High Pass Filter)
Selects the front/rear speaker cut-off frequency:
"OFF," "80Hz," "100Hz," "120Hz," "140Hz,"
LOUD (Loudness)
Reinforces bass and treble for clear sound at low
volume levels: "ON," "OFF."
BTM (page 12)
*1 When the unit is turned off.
*2 When FM is received.

Using optional equipment

Auxiliary audio equipment

By connecting an optional portable audio device
to the AUX input jack (stereo mini jack) on the
unit and then simply selecting the source, you
can listen on your car speakers. The volume level
is adjustable for any difference between the unit
and the portable audio device. Follow the
procedure below:
Connecting the portable audio
1 Turn off the portable audio device.
2 Turn down the volume on the unit.
3 Connect to the unit.
* Be sure to use a straight type plug.
Adjust the volume level
Be sure to adjust the volume for each connected
audio device before playback.
1 Turn down the volume on the unit.
2 Press (SOURCE) repeatedly until "AUX"
After that, "AUX FRONT IN" appears.
3 Start playback of the portable audio device at a
moderate volume.
4 Set your usual listening volume on the unit.
5 Adjust the input level (page 18).
Connecting cord*
(not supplied)

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Table of Contents

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