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Pairing failed in Time Over.
Depending on the connecting device, the time limit for
pairing may be short. Try completing the pairing
within the time by setting a single digit passcode.
Bluetooth function cannot operate.
Turn off the unit by pressing (OFF) for 2 seconds,
then turn the unit on again.
No sound is output from the car speakers
during handsfree call.
If the sound is output from the cellular phone, set the
cellular phone to output the sound from the car
The external microphone does not work.
The setting of the microphone is not correct.
t Set "MIC Select" to "External" (page 24).

Error displays/Messages

Busy now... Please try later
This unit is busy.
t After waiting a moment, try again.
The unit is confirming the connection of a USB device.
t Wait until confirming the connection is finished.
Connection Failed
Phonebook Access connection has been terminated
from the cellular phone.
t Perform Phonebook Access again.
• Device List is empty.
• Recent Call is empty.
• Cellular phone phonebook is empty.
• The disc is dirty or inserted upside down.*
t Clean or insert the disc correctly.
• A blank disc has been inserted.
• The disc cannot play due to a problem.
t Insert another disc.
• USB device was not automatically recognized.
t Reconnect it again.
• Press Z to remove the disc.
• Phonebook content has been changed during cellular
phone access.
t Perform Phonebook Access again.
Error - Please Initialize Bluetooth Setting Data
A memory error has occured.
t Enter the Bluetooth Settings menu, then select
The connection of speakers/amplifiers is incorrect.
t See the installation/connections manual of this
model to check the connection.
HF Device is not available
A cellular phone is not connected.
t Connect to a cellular phone.
Hubs Not Supported
USB hub is not supported on this unit.
Invalid Code
Password is incorrect.
t If you forget the password, initialize via the
Bluetooth Settings menu.
The CD changer is loading the disc.
t Wait until loading is complete.
Local Seek +/–
The local seek mode is on during automatic tuning.
There is no alternative frequency for the current
t Press (SEEK) +/– while the program service name
is flashing. The unit starts searching for another
frequency with the same PI (Program
Identification) data ("PI Seek" appears).
NO Device
(SOURCE) is selected without a USB device
connected. A USB device or a USB cable has been
disconnected during playback.
t Be sure to connect a USB device and USB cable.
NO Devices Found
This unit cannot detect a connectable device.
t Check the Bluetooth setting of the connecting
NO Disc
The disc is not inserted in the CD changer.
t Insert discs in the CD changer.
NO Magazine
The disc magazine is not inserted in the CD changer.
t Insert the disc magazine in the CD changer.
NO Music
The disc or USB device does not contain a music file.
t Insert a music CD in this unit or an MP3 playable
CD changer.
t Connect a USB device with a music file in it.
The unit will continue searching for available TP
Not Supported
The connected USB device is not supported.
t For details on the compatibility of your USB
device, visit the support site.
There may be an internal malfunction.
t Check the connection. If the error indication
remains on in the display, consult your nearest
Sony dealer.
USB device is overloaded.
t Disconnect the USB device, then change the source
by pressing (SOURCE).
t Indicates that the USB device is out of order, or an
unsupported device is connected.
Push Reset
The CD unit, CD changer or USB device cannot be
operated due to a problem.
t Press the RESET button (page 7).



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