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USB playback
You cannot play back items via a USB hub.
This unit cannot recognize USB devices via a USB
Cannot play back items.
A USB device does not work.
t Reconnect it.
The USB device takes longer to play back.
The USB device contains files with a complicated tree
A beep sounds.
During playback, the USB device has been
t Before disconnecting a USB device, make sure to
stop playback first for data protection.
The sound is intermittent.
The sound may be intermittent at a high-bit-rate of
more than 320 kbps.
Bluetooth function
The connecting device cannot detect this unit.
• Set "Signal" to "on" (page 23).
• Set "Visibility" to "Show" (page 23).
• While connecting to the other Bluetooth device, this
unit cannot be detected from another device.
Disconnect the current connection and search for this
unit from another device. The disconnected device
can be reconnected by selecting from the list of
registered devices.
This unit cannot detect the connecting device.
Check the Bluetooth setting of the connecting device.
Connection is not possible.
• Depending on the other device, searching from this
unit may not be possible.
t Search for this unit from the other device.
• Depending on the status of the other device,
searching from this unit may not be possible.
t Search for this unit from the other device.
• Check the pairing and connection procedures in the
manual of the other device, etc., and perform the
operation again.
The name of the detected device does not
Depending on the status of the other device, it may not
be possible to obtain the name.
No ring tone.
• Adjust the volume in "Ring Volume" level.
• Depending on the connecting device, the ring tone
may not be sent properly.
t Set "Ringtone" to "Default" (page 23).
The talker's voice volume is low.
Adjust the volume in "Talk Volume" level.
A call partner says that the volume is too low
or high.
Adjust the volume accordingly using Mic Gain
adjustment (page 24).
Echo or noise occurs in phone call
• Lower the volume.
• "EC/NC Mode" is set to "off."
t Set "EC/NC Mode" to "Mode 1" or "Mode 2"
(page 23).
• If the ambient noise other than the phone call sound
is loud, try reducing this noise.
E.g.: If a window is open and road noise, etc., is loud,
shut the window. If the air conditioner is loud, lower
the air conditioner.
The phone sound quality is poor.
Phone sound quality depends on reception conditions
of cellular phone.
t Move your car to a place where you can enhance
the cellular phone's signal if the reception is poor.
The volume of the connected audio device is
low (high).
Volume level will differ depending on the audio
t Adjust the volume of the connected audio device or
this unit.
No sound is heard from the Bluetooth audio
The audio device is paused.
t Cancel pause of the audio device.
The sound skips during playback of a
Bluetooth audio device.
• Reduce the distance between the unit and the
Bluetooth audio device.
• If the Bluetooth audio device is stored in a case
which interrupts the signal, remove the audio device
from the case while using.
• Several Bluetooth devices or other devices which
emit radio waves are used nearby.
t Turn off the other devices.
t Reduce the distance from the other devices.
• The playback sound stops momentarily when the
connection between this unit and the cellular phone is
being made. This is not a malfunction.
The connected Bluetooth audio device cannot
be controlled.
Check that the connected Bluetooth audio device
supports AVRCP.
Some functions do not work.
Check that the connecting device supports the
functions in question.
The name of the other party does not appear
when a call is received.
• The other party is not stored in the phonebook.
t Store in the phonebook (page 29).
• The calling phone is not set to send the phone
A call is answered unintentionally.
• The connecting phone is set to start a call
• "Auto Answer" of this unit is set to "Short" or
"Long" (page 23).
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