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The changer is loading the disc.
t Wait until loading is complete.
Local Seek +/–
The local seek mode is on during automatic tuning.
There is no alternative frequency for the current
t Push the joystick left/right while the programme
service name is flashing. The unit starts searching
for another frequency with the same PI
(Programme Identification) data ("PI Seek"
NO Disc
The disc is not inserted in the CD/MD changer.
t Insert discs in the changer.
NO Disc Name
A disc name is not written in the track.
NO Group Name
A group name is not written in the track on the ATRAC
NO ID3 Tag
ID3 tag information is not written in the MP3 file.
NO Information
Text information is not written in the ATRAC3/
ATRAC3plus or WMA file.
NO Magazine
The disc magazine is not inserted in the CD changer.
t Insert the magazine in the changer.
NO Music
The disc is not a music file.
t Insert a music CD in this unit or MP3 playable
The unit will continue searching for available TP
NO Track Name
A track name is not written in the track.
There may be an internal malfunction.
t Check the connection. If the error indication
remains on in the display, consult your nearest
Sony dealer.
Push Reset
The CD unit and CD/MD changer cannot be operated
due to a problem.
t Press the RESET button (page 6).
The unit is reading all track and group information on
the disc.
t Wait until reading is complete and playback starts
automatically. Depending on the disc structure, it
may take more than a minute.
" or "
During reverse or fast-forward, you have reached the
beginning or the end of the disc and you cannot go any
The character cannot be displayed with the unit.
Bluetooth function
The Bluetooth process is not complete.
t Discontinue receiving the phonebook data.
t Stop the current operation and wait for a while.
Connection Complete
The Bluetooth connection is complete.
Connection Failed
• Cannot be connected to the device due to problem.
• Cannot be connected to the device because the input
passcode is incorrect.
• The time limit for connection has been exceeded.
The Bluetooth signal is disconnected.
• There is no data in "Dialed Calls," "Received Calls"
or "Phonebook" in the CALL menu.
• There is no data in the phonebook when storing to the
Preset Dial.
The phonebook data cannot be received due to a
HF Device is not available
Handsfree device is not connected.
Invalid Code
The input security code is incorrect.
Memory Full
• The phonebook memory of this unit became full
while the phonebook data is received.
• The phonebook memory of this unit is full.
Not Available
Bluetooth AUDIO is selected as the source, but no
Bluetooth audio device is connected.
No Devices Found
• No connectable device is found after searching.
• The device is not registered in "Handsfree Devices"
or "Audio Devices."
t Register the device in "Handsfree Devices" or
"Audio Devices."
Security Locked
Security is set.
Turn ON Bluetooth
The Bluetooth setting is off.
t Set the Bluetooth setting to on.
If these solutions do not help improve the situation,
consult your nearest Sony dealer.
If you take the unit to be repaired because of CD
playback trouble, bring the disc that was used at the
time the problem began.
Support site
If you have any questions or for the latest
support information on this product, visit the
web site below:



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