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Mode Button; Number Buttons - Sony MEX-BT2500 Operating Instructions Manual

Bluetooth audio system.
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E Disc slot
To insert the disc (label side up). Playback
starts automatically.
F Display window
G AUX input jack 17
To connect a portable audio device.
H Z (eject) button
To eject the disc.
(front panel release) button 6
J PTY (Program Type) button 12
To select PTY in RDS.
K SEEK –/+ buttons
To skip tracks (press); skip tracks
continuously (press, then press again within
about 1 second and hold); reverse/fast-
forward a track (press and hold).
To tune in stations automatically (press); find
a station manually (press and hold).
Bluetooth audio device*
To skip tracks (press).
L MODE button 10
To select the radio band (FM/MW/LW).
M DSPL (display)/DIM (dimmer) button
10, 11
To change display items (press); change the
display brightness (press and hold).
N Number buttons
(1)/(2): ALBM –/+*
To skip albums (press); skip albums
continuously (press and hold).
(3): REP 10
(4): SHUF 10
(6): PAUSE*
To pause playback. To cancel, press
To receive stored stations (press); store
stations (press and hold).
Bluetooth audio device*
(6): PAUSE
To pause playback. To cancel, press
O AF (Alternative Frequencies)/TA
(Traffic Announcement) button 11
To set AF and TA in RDS.
P Receptor for the card remote
Q RESET button (located behind the front
panel) 5
R Microphone 14
Do not cover the microphone, the handsfree
function may not work properly.
The following buttons on the card remote
commander have also different buttons/functions
from the unit. Remove the insulation film before
use (page 5).
ql < (.)/, (>) buttons
The same as (SEEK) –/+ on the unit.
w; VOL (volume) +/– button
To adjust volume.
wa ATT (attenuate) button
To attenuate the sound. To cancel, press
ws SEL (select)/
The same as the select button on the unit.
wd M (+)/m (–) buttons
To control CD, the same as (1)/(2)
(ALBM –/+) on the unit.
wf SCRL (scroll) button 10
To scroll the display item.
wg Number buttons
To receive stored stations (press); store
stations (press and hold).
*1 When a Bluetooth audio device (supports AVRCP
of Bluetooth technology) is connected. Depending
on the device, certain operations may not be
*2 When an MP3/WMA is played.
*3 When playing back on this unit.
If the unit is turned off and the display disappears, it
cannot be operated with the card remote commander
unless (SOURCE) on the unit is pressed, or a disc is
inserted to activate the unit first.
For details on how to replace the battery, see
"Replacing the lithium battery of the card remote
commander" on page 20.
(handsfree) button



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