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NEC 1000BASE-T Startup Manual page 6

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Do not use any unauthorized interface cable.
Use only interface cables authorized by NEC and locate a proper
device and connector before connecting a cable. Using an
authorized cable or connecting a cable to an improper destination
may cause a short circuit, resulting in a fire.
Also, observe the following notes on using and connecting an
interface cable.
Do not use any damaged cable connector.
Do not step on the cable.
Do not put any object on the cable.
Do not use the card with the loose interface cable connection.
Do not use any damaged cable.
See also "Network Cables"
Do not use the equipment in the place where
corrosive gases exist.
Make sure not to locate or use the equipment in the place where
corrosive gases (sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, nitrogen dioxide,
chlorine, ammonia, ozone, etc) exist.
Also, do not set it in the environment where the air (or dust) includes
components accelerating corrosion (ex. sulfur, sodium chloride) or
conductive metals. There is a risk of a fire due to corrosion and
shorts of an internal printed board.
Contact your service representative for the place appropriate to the
Precautions for Handling of Internal Devices
Do not disassemble, repair, or modify the product
Do not disassemble, repair, or modify this product. Doing so may
cause an electrical shock or a fire. Do not put the product close to
fire, or immerse it in water. Doing so may cause an explosion. If the
product does not function normally, contact your service
Unplug all power cords
Turn the power off and unplug the power before removing the
computer's cover. Failure to do so could endanger you and may
damage the adapter or computer
Precaution on disposing or transferring
- Follow the ordinances by your local government when you are
disposing the product. Contact the local government for more
- If you are transferring this product to other people, be sure to
transfer all items that come with the product including this guide
along with the product.
Ground yourself to dissipate any static charge
before handling the adapter.
To prevent any damage on components due to static electricity,
make sure to discharge static electricity from yourself before you
touch the adapter.
Don't touch uncoated metal parts on adapter.
Never touch the adapter's LAN port, terminals of components or
uncoated metal parts on adapter. Otherwise, taint, erosion or
others may cause loose connection. Do not touch this product
with wet or dirty hands.
Excessive force could break the connector.
On installing this adapter, do not insert it by force. Otherwise, the
adapter and the server may be damaged.
Don't touch the tip of bracket to other parts of
When you insert the 4 adapter into expansion slot, be careful not to
touch the tip of bracket to other parts of server (such as other
components or board). Otherwise, they may be damaged.
Firmly connect the network cable
When connecting the cable, insert the cable connector until you
hear a click sound.
Anti-static Measures
Installing or Uninstalling Internal Optional Devices
Notes before carrying out the work
To avoid electric hazard and malfunction, be sure to turn off
the Power switch of this product and unplug the power cord
from an outlet before carrying out the work.
However, there is no need to do this if the internal optional
device is hot-swappable.
This internal optional device consists of static-sensitive
electronic components. To avoid failures caused by static
electricity when installing or uninstalling the internal optional
device, wear an anti-static wrist strap on your wrist
and provide earthing before carrying out the work.
And also connect a wrist strap to earth ground when you
wear a wrist strap.
Handling of cables
When connecting a cable (e.g., LAN cable), static electricity
may also be charged due to friction against the floor.
Connecting a charged cable with an I/O device may cause
damage to the devices. It is recommended to discharge
static electricity before connecting a cable by using
neutralization apparatus and so on.
Supported OS
For OS that support will depend on the device. Please refer to the support
Functions (NOT supported)
- PCI EXRESS Hot-plug technology
- Network Boot
iSCSI or RPL ,etc. (except PXE)
During POST, when you exit the Setup Menu of Intel Boot Agent by
typing F4 key, the offline utility of the server will start after POST. Please
close the offline utility and continue booting the system.
This event only occurs in legacy mode
- Wake on LAN is supported on port A only.
Cables (NOT supported)
- A cable with boots is not supported.
Side B
1. Bracket
This product has 2 type of bracket. By default, Low-profile type is attached. If
need to mount on Full-height PCI-EXPRESS slot, you can change to another
bracket. See "Bracket Replacement".
2. LAN Port
A connector provides to access a network. For the types of connectable
cables and how to connect, see "Network Cables". Port id is numbered from
"PORT1" to "PORT4". See the figure.
3. PCI-EXPRESS connector
This product conformed to PCI EXPRESS 2.0. Supported speed is 5GT/s
only. This product has x4 lane edge. The logical lane size is x4 lane
This product can be installed to a slot more than x4 lane (or higher), and is
compliant with PCI-EXPRESS 2.0 (or higher) specifications.
Check the PCI-EXPRESS slot which can be attached with reference
to User's Guide of Express Server before attaching this product.
Port A
Port B
Status (color)
On (Orange)
Link at 1000Mbps speed.
On (Green)
Link at 100Mbps speed
Link at 10Mbps speed
On (Green)
Link is up
Brink (Green)
Link is down
If the system is in sleep state, the lamp may does not display
correctly. Communications are not affected.
Network Cable
Twisted Pair Cable( UTP / STP ) Must be 4pair wiring
Make sure you use cable that complies with the TIA-568 wiring
10BASE-T: Cat.3 or better,
100BASETX : Cat.5 or better
1000BASE-T Cat.5e or better
100 m (max.)
less than12mm
Side A
The width of the root portion of a plug should
use the cable within 12mm.
Refer to the left figure which does not get used to use for the cable with
boots (with a connector cover).
*The cable with boots causes of poor contact and a connector
Hardware Installation / Uninstallation
For hardware installation/uninstallation, refer to the User's Guide of the server.
When the system is up, please turn the power off after
shutdown process on the OS. And then unplug the AC
power cord.
For rack-type server, before open the top cover, need to
disconnect the cable from this product.
based on ISO standard.
cable boots



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