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Brother 885-V35 Operation Manual Page 179

Brother sewing machine operation manual.
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The needle breaks.
The upper thread
Bobbin thread
does not wind
neatly on the
The lower thread is
tangled or breaks.
Probable Cause
The upper thread was not
threaded correctly.
The upper thread was not
threaded correctly (for example,
the spool is not installed correctly,
the spool cap is too big for the
spool being used, or the thread
has come out of the needle bar
thread guide.)
There are knots or tangles in the
The selected needle is not
appropriate for the thread being
The upper thread tension is too
The thread is tangled, for example,
in the bobbin case.
The needle is bent or blunt.
The needle is incorrectly installed. Correctly install the needle.
The area around the hole in the
presser foot is scratched, or has a
burr on it.
The bobbin case is scratched, or
has a burr on it.
A bobbin designed specifically for
this machine is not used.
The thread is not passed through
the bobbin-winding thread guide
Bobbin spins slowly.
The thread that was pulled out
was not wound onto the bobbin
The bobbin thread is incorrectly
The bobbin is scratched or does
not rotate smoothly, or has a burr
on it.
The thread is tangled.
Correct the upper threading.
Correct the upper threading.
Use the spool cap that best fits the
size of the spool being used.
Remove any knots or tangles.
Select a needle that is appropriate for
the type of thread being used.
Loosen the upper thread tension.
Remove the tangled thread. If the
thread is tangled in the bobbin case,
clean the race.
Replace the needle.
Replace the presser foot.
Contact your dealer or the nearest
authorized service center.
Replace the bobbin case.
Contact your dealer or the nearest
authorized service center.
Incorrect bobbins will not work
properly. Only use a bobbin
designed specifically for this
Correctly pass the thread through the
bobbin-winding thread guide.
Move the sewing speed controller to
the right (so that the speed will be
Wind the thread that was pulled off
around the bobbin five or six times
Correctly install the bobbin thread.
Replace the bobbin.
Remove the tangled thread and clean
the race.
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