Apple iPod touch MC086LL/A User Manual

Apple ipod touch user guide.
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iPod touch
User Guide
For iPhone OS 3. 1 Software

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  • Page 1

    iPod touch User Guide For iPhone OS 3. 1 Software...

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Chapter 1: Getting Started Viewing the User Guide on iPod touch What You Need Registering iPod touch Setting Up iPod touch Using VoiceOver Syncing Mail, Contacts, and Calendar Accounts Installing Configuration Profiles Disconnecting iPod touch from Your Computer Chapter 2: Basics iPod touch at a Glance Home Screen Buttons...

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Chapter 4: Safari Viewing Webpages Searching the Web Bookmarks Web Clips Chapter 5: App Store About the App Store Browsing and Searching Info Screen Downloading Applications Deleting Applications Writing Reviews Updating Applications Syncing Purchased Applications Chapter 6: Mail Setting Up Email Accounts Sending Email Checking and Reading Email Searching Email...

  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Searching Contacts Managing Contacts on iPod touch Chapter 10: YouTube Finding and Viewing Videos Controlling Video Playback Managing Videos Getting More Information Using YouTube Account Features Changing the Browse Buttons Chapter 11: Stocks Viewing Stock Quotes Getting More Information Chapter 12: Maps Finding and Viewing Locations Bookmarking Locations Getting Directions...

  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Timer Chapter 17: Calculator Using the Calculator Standard Memory Functions Scientific Calculator Keys Chapter 18: Settings Wi-Fi Notifications Brightness General 123 Music 124 Video 124 Photos 125 Store 125 Mail, Contacts, Calendars 129 Safari 130 Nike + iPod Chapter 19: iTunes Store About the iTunes Store 132 Finding Music, Videos, and More 133 Purchasing Music or Audiobooks...

  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    148 Triple-click Home 148 Closed Captioning and Other Helpful Features Appendix A: Troubleshooting 150 Apple iPod touch Support Site 150 General 151 iTunes and Syncing 152 Sound, Music, and Video 153 iTunes Stores 154 Safari, Mail, and Contacts 156 Backing Up iPod touch...

  • Page 7: Chapter 1: Getting Started, Viewing The User Guide On Ipod Touch, What You Need

    To avoid injury, read all operating instructions in this guide and safety information in the iPod touch Important Product Information Guide at before using iPod touch. Viewing the User Guide on iPod touch The iPod touch User Guide, optimized for viewing on iPod touch, is available at help.

  • Page 8: Registering Ipod Touch, Setting Up Ipod Touch Using Voiceover

    Registering iPod touch Before you can use any of the iPod touch features, you must use iTunes to set up iPod touch. You can also register iPod touch and create an iTunes Store account (not available in some countries) if you don’t already have one. Register iPod touch: Download and install the latest version of iTunes from

  • Page 9: Syncing

    Syncing About Syncing With iPod touch, it’s easy to have instant access to your music, video, downloaded applications, and other iTunes library content. iTunes can sync all this information to iPod touch, and your contacts, calendars, and your browser bookmarks as well. iTunes lets you specify the information and content on your computer that you want to sync with iPod touch.

  • Page 10

    Email account settings are synced only from your computer’s email application to iPod touch. This allows you to customize your email accounts on iPod touch without affecting email account settings on your computer. Note: You can also set up email accounts directly on iPod touch. See “Mail, Contacts, and Calendar Accounts.”...

  • Page 11

    Summary Pane Select “Open iTunes when this iPod is connected” to have iTunes open and sync iPod touch automatically whenever you connect it to your computer. Deselect this option if you want to sync only by clicking the Sync button in iTunes. For more information about preventing automatic syncing, see “Preventing Automatic Syncing”...

  • Page 12

    Info Pane The Info pane lets you configure the sync settings for your contacts, calendars, email accounts, and web browser. Contacts • You can sync contacts with applications such as Mac OS X Address Book, Yahoo! Address Book, and Google Contacts on a Mac, or with Yahoo! Address Book, Google Contacts, Windows Address Book (Outlook Express), Windows Vista Contacts, or Microsoft Outlook 2003 or 2007 on a PC.

  • Page 13: Mail, Contacts, And Calendar Accounts

    Preventing Automatic Syncing You can prevent iPod touch from syncing automatically when you connect iPod touch to a computer other than the one you usually sync with. Turn off automatic syncing for iPod touch: Connect iPod touch to your computer. In iTunes, select iPod touch in the sidebar, then click the Summary tab.

  • Page 14

    Set up an account on iPod touch: From the iPod touch Home screen, tap Settings. Tap “Mail, Contacts, Calendars,” then tap Add Account. Tap an account type: Microsoft Exchange • MobileMe • Google email • Yahoo! Mail • • Other •...

  • Page 15: Installing Configuration Profiles

    Similarly, when you disable contacts or calendars in an MobileMe or Exchange account, or if you delete an account, iPod touch asks if you want to keep information or delete it. You can add contacts using an LDAP account if your company or organization supports it.

  • Page 16: Disconnecting Ipod Touch From Your Computer

    Install a configuration profile: Using iPod touch, open the email message or download the configuration profile from the website provided by your system administrator. When the configuration profile opens, tap Install. Enter passwords and other information as requested. Important: doubt, consult your system administrator before installing a configuration profile. Settings provided by a configuration profile cannot be altered.

  • Page 17: Chapter 2: Basics, Ipod Touch At A Glance

    Basics iPod touch at a Glance Sleep/Wake button Volume buttons Internal speaker Home button Dock connector Your Home screen may look different, depending on the model of iPod touch you have and whether you have rearranged its icons. iPod touch Included Accessories Stereo headset Dock Connector to USB Cable Wi-Fi antenna...

  • Page 18: Status Icons

    Use the + and – buttons to adjust the volume (Apple Earphones with Remote and Mic included only with Fall 2009 models with 32 GB or more). Press...

  • Page 19: Home Screen

    Home Screen Press the Home button at any time to go to the Home screen, which contains your iPod touch applications. Tap any application icon to get started. iPod touch Applications The following applications are included with iPod touch: Listen to your songs, audiobooks, and podcasts. Create on-the-go playlists, or use Genius to create playlists for you.

  • Page 20

    Contacts YouTube Stocks Maps Weather Voice Memos Notes Clock Chapter 2 Get contact information synced from MobileMe, Mac OS X Address Book, Yahoo! Address Book, Google Contacts, Windows Address Book (Outlook Express), Microsoft Outlook, or Microsoft Exchange. Search, add, change, or delete contacts, which get synced back to your computer.

  • Page 21: Customizing The Home Screen

    Add, subtract, multiply, and divide. Rotate iPod touch sideways to use expanded scientific functions. Calculator Adjust all iPod touch settings in one convenient place. Set your own volume limit for listening comfort. Set your wallpaper, screen brightness, and settings for network, mail, web, music, video, photos, and more.

  • Page 22: Buttons

    Create additional Home screens: While arranging icons, drag an icon to the right edge of the screen until a new screen appears. You can flick to return to the original screen and drag more icons to the new screen. You can create up to 11 screens. The number of dots above the Dock shows the number of screens you have, and indicates which screen you’re viewing.

  • Page 23: Volume Buttons

    Note: Volume buttons aren’t included on the first-generation iPod touch. WARNING: For important information about avoiding hearing loss, see the Important Product Information Guide at To adjust the volume, use the buttons on the side of iPod touch. Volume...

  • Page 24: Touchscreen

    Touchscreen The controls on the iPod touch touchscreen change dynamically depending on the task you’re performing. Opening Applications Open an application: Tap an icon. Close an application and return to the Home screen: Press the Home button below the display. Scrolling Drag up or down to scroll.

  • Page 25

    Flick to scroll quickly. You can wait for the scrolling to come to a stop, or touch anywhere on the screen to stop it immediately. Touching the screen to stop scrolling won’t choose or activate anything. To quickly scroll to the top of a list, webpage, or email, just tap the status bar. Lists Some lists have an index along the right side, which helps you navigate quickly.

  • Page 26

    Zooming In or Out When viewing photos, webpages, email, or maps, you can zoom in and out. Pinch your fingers together or apart. For photos and webpages, you can double-tap (tap twice quickly) to zoom in, then double-tap again to zoom out. For maps, double-tap to zoom in and tap once with two fingers to zoom out.

  • Page 27: Onscreen Keyboard

    Stocks • Photos • Calculator • Movies viewed in Video and YouTube appear only in landscape orientation. Street views in Maps also appear in landscape. Onscreen Keyboard Use the onscreen keyboard to enter text, such as contact information and web addresses.

  • Page 28

    For many languages, iPod touch has dictionaries to help you type. The appropriate dictionary is activated automatically when you select a supported keyboard. For a list of supported languages, see iPod touch uses the active dictionary to suggest corrections or complete the word you’re typing.

  • Page 29

    Editing An onscreen magnifying glass helps you position the insertion point for typing and editing text. You can select text to cut, copy, and paste. Position the insertion point: Touch and hold to bring up the magnifying glass, then drag to position the insertion point. Select text: Tap the insertion point to display the selection buttons.

  • Page 30

    For a complete list of supported keyboards, go to Turn international keyboards on or off: In Settings, choose General > International > Keyboards.

  • Page 31

    Enter Korean Enter Simplified or Traditional Chinese Pinyin Enter Traditional Chinese Zhuyin Enter handwritten Simplified or Traditional Chinese When Simplified or Traditional Chinese handwriting formats are turned on, you can enter Chinese characters with your finger, as shown: Touchpad Chapter 2 Basics Use the 2-Set Korean keyboard to type Hangul letters.

  • Page 32: Searching

    Searching You can search many applications on iPod touch, including Mail, Calendar, Music, Video, Notes, and Contacts. You can search an individual application, or search all the applications at once using Spotlight. Go to Spotlight: From the main page of the Home screen, flick left to right. If you’re on the main Home screen page, you can press the Home button to go to Spotlight.

  • Page 33: Voice Control

    Voice Control Voice Control (available only on Fall 2009 models with 32 GB or more) lets you control iPod music playback using voice commands. Note: Requires included headset or compatible accessory with microphone. Voice Control isn’t available in all languages. Use Voice Control: Press and hold the Home button until the Voice Control screen appears and you hear a beep.

  • Page 34: Stereo Headset, Bluetooth Headphones

    See“Using Voice Control with iPod” on page 46. Stereo Headset The headset included with Fall 2009 models with 32 GB or more (shown here) features a microphone, volume buttons, and an integrated button that allows you to control audio and video playback. Plug in the headset to listen to music or record a voice memo using the built-in microphone.

  • Page 35: Connecting To The Internet

    After you pair headphones with iPod touch, the product name and a Bluetooth audio icon appear on the screen when you are viewing audio or video playback controls. to switch to a different audio output, such as the internal speaker. Bluetooth Status The Bluetooth icon appears in the iPod touch status bar at the top of the screen: (blue) or...

  • Page 36: Battery

    Charging the Battery WARNING: Important Product Information Guide at The battery icon in the upper-right corner shows the battery level or charging status. Charging Charge the battery and sync iPod touch: Connect iPod touch to your computer using the included Dock Connector to USB Cable.

  • Page 37: Security Features

    If you charge the battery while syncing or using iPod touch, it may take longer to charge. You can also charge iPod touch using the Apple USB Power Adapter, available separately. Important: If iPod touch is very low on power, it may display one of the following images, indicating that iPod touch needs to charge for up to ten minutes before you can use it.

  • Page 38: Cleaning Ipod Touch

    4-digit passcode. Find My iPhone requires a MobileMe account. MobileMe is an online service, available by subscription. Go to for more information. To enable this feature, turn on Find My iPod touch in your MobileMe account settings.

  • Page 39: Restarting And Resetting Ipod Touch

    Reset iPod touch: Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button at the same time for at least ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears. For more troubleshooting suggestions, see Appendix A, “Troubleshooting,” on page 150.

  • Page 40: Chapter 3: Music And Video, Getting Music, Video, And More

    Music and Video iPod touch syncs with iTunes on your computer to get songs, videos, and other content you’ve collected in your iTunes library. For information about adding music and other media to your iTunes library, open iTunes and choose Help > iTunes Help. Getting Music, Video, and More To get music, video, and other content onto iPod touch, you can set up iTunes on your computer to automatically sync content in your library, or you can manually manage...

  • Page 41: Manually Managing Content

    If there are more songs in your iTunes library than can fit on your iPod touch, iTunes offers to create a special playlist to sync with iPod touch. iTunes fills the playlist with random selections from your library. You can add or delete songs from the playlist and sync again.

  • Page 42: Music And Other Audio

    When headphones are attached or paired, no sound comes out of the speaker. WARNING: Product Information Guide at Playing Songs Browse your collection: Tap Playlists, Artists, or Songs. Tap More to browse Albums, Audiobooks, Compilations, Composers, Genres, iTunes U, or Podcasts.

  • Page 43

    You can turn the “Shake to Shuffle” feature on or off in Settings > Music (it’s on by default). See “Music” on page 123. Controlling Song Playback When you play a song, the Now Playing screen appears. Back Track List Play/Pause Next/Fast-forward Previous/...

  • Page 44

    Skip to the next song or chapter in an audiobook or podcast Go to the previous song or chapter in an audiobook or podcast Rewind or fast-forward Return to the iPod browse lists Return to the Now Playing screen Display a song’s lyrics You can display playback controls at any time when you’re listening to music and using another application—or even when iPod touch is locked—by double-clicking the Home...

  • Page 45

    The scrubber bar lets you skip to any point along the timeline. You can adjust the scrub rate from high-speed to fine by sliding your finger down as you drag the playhead along the scrubber bar. Repeat Genius Shuffle Scrubber bar Playhead Set iPod touch to repeat songs Skip to any point in a song...

  • Page 46

    The scrubber bar lets you skip to any point along the timeline. You can adjust the scrub rate from high-speed to fine by sliding your finger down as you drag the playhead along the scrubber bar. Email Scrubber bar Send an email link to this podcast Skip to any point Play back the last 30 seconds Set the playback speed...

  • Page 47

    Find out more about the currently playing song Say “what’s playing,” “what song is this,” “who Use Genius to play similar songs Cancel Voice Control Browsing Album Covers in Cover Flow When you’re browsing music, you can rotate iPod touch sideways to see your iTunes content in Cover Flow and browse your music by album artwork.

  • Page 48: Searching Music

    Viewing All Tracks on an Album See all the tracks on the album that contains the current song: From the Now Playing screen tap . Tap a track to play it. Tap the album cover thumbnail to return to the Now Playing screen. In track list view, you can assign ratings to songs.

  • Page 49

    Genius Mixes are created in iTunes. iTunes creates different mixes depending on the variety of music you have in your iTunes library. For example, you may have Genius Mixes that highlight R&B songs, or Alternative Rock songs. To use Genius on iPod touch, first turn on Genius in iTunes, then sync iPod touch with iTunes.

  • Page 50: Videos

    Refresh a Genius playlist: In the playlist, tap Refresh. Refreshing a playlist creates a playlist of different songs that go great with the song you picked. You can refresh any Genius playlist, whether it was created in iTunes and synced to iPod touch, or created directly on iPod touch. Create a Genius playlist from a new song: In the playlist, tap New, then pick a new song.

  • Page 51: Playing Videos

    Playing Videos Play a video: Tap Videos and tap the video. Display playback controls: Tap the screen to show the controls. Tap again to hide them. Controlling Video Playback Videos play in widescreen to take full advantage of the display. The scrubber bar lets you skip to any point along the timeline.

  • Page 52

    Skip to the next chapter (if available) Go to the previous chapter (if available) Start playing at a specific chapter (if available) Rewind or fast-forward Skip to any point in a video Stop watching a video before it finishes playing Tap Done. Or press the Home Scale a video to fill the screen or fit to the screen Select an alternate audio language (if available) Tap...

  • Page 53

    You can also use these cables with the Apple Universal Dock to connect iPod touch to your TV. (The Apple Universal Dock includes a remote that lets you control playback from a distance.) Apple cables and docks are available for purchase separately in many countries.

  • Page 54: Setting A Sleep Timer, Changing The Browse Buttons

    Setting a Sleep Timer You can set iPod touch to stop playing music or videos after a period of time. Set a sleep timer: From the Home screen choose Clock > Timer, then flick to set the number of hours and minutes. Tap When Timer Ends and choose Sleep iPod, tap Set, then tap Start to start the timer.

  • Page 55: Chapter 4: Safari, Viewing Webpages

    Safari Viewing Webpages Safari lets you surf the web and view webpages on iPod touch in the same way as if you were on your computer. You can create bookmarks on iPod touch and sync bookmarks with your computer. Add web clips for quick access to your favorite sites directly from the Home screen.

  • Page 56

    As you type, web addresses that start with those letters appear. These are bookmarked pages or recent pages you’ve opened. Tap an address to go to that page. Keep typing if you want to enter a web address that’s not in the list. Erase the text in the address field: Tap the address field, then tap Zooming and Scrolling Zoom in or out: Double-tap a column on a webpage to expand the column.

  • Page 57

    Return to a recently viewed page Send a webpage address via email Save an image or photo to your Photo Library Opening Multiple Pages You can have up to eight pages open at a time. Some links automatically open a new page instead of replacing the current one.

  • Page 58: Searching The Web, Bookmarks

    Bring up the keyboard Move to another text field Submit a form Close the keyboard without submitting the form Enable AutoFill to help you fill out web forms: In Settings, choose Safari > AutoFill, then do one of the following: To use information from contacts, turn Use Contact Info on, then choose My Info and •...

  • Page 59: Web Clips

    Sync bookmarks with your computer: Connect iPod touch to your computer. In iTunes, select iPod touch in the sidebar. Click the Info tab, select “Sync … bookmarks” under Web Browser, then click Apply. See “Syncing” on page 9. Sync bookmarks with MobileMe: In Settings on iPod touch, select Bookmarks in your MobileMe account.

  • Page 60: Chapter 5: App Store, About The App Store, Browsing And Searching

    App Store About the App Store You can search for, browse, review, purchase, and download applications from the App Store directly to iPod touch. Applications you download and install from the App Store on iPod touch are backed up to your iTunes library the next time you sync iPod touch with your computer.

  • Page 61

    Browse applications: Tap Featured, Categories, or Top 25. Choose a category, or choose a sorting method at the top of the screen to browse by lists such as New, What’s Hot, Genius, Top Paid, or Top Free. Browse using Genius: Tap Genius to see a list of recommended apps based on what’s already in your app collection.

  • Page 62: Info Screen

    Info Screen Tap any application in a list to see more information, such as the application’s price, screenshots, ratings, and other information. If you’ve already installed the application, “Installed” appears instead of the price on the Info screen. Email a link to the application’s Info page in iTunes: Tap “Tell a Friend” near the bottom of the Info screen.

  • Page 63: Downloading Applications

    Downloading Applications When you find an application you want in the App Store, you can purchase and download it to iPod touch. If the application is free, you can download it without charge after providing your iTunes account information. Once you download an application, it’s immediately installed on iPod touch. Purchase and download an application: Tap the price (or tap Free), then tap Buy Now.

  • Page 64: Deleting Applications, Writing Reviews

    Deleting Applications You can delete applications you’ve installed from the App Store. If you delete an application, data associated with the application will no longer be available to iPod touch, unless you reinstall the application and restore its data from a backup. You can reinstall an application and restore its data as long as you backed up iPod touch with iTunes on your computer.

  • Page 65: Updating Applications, Syncing Purchased Applications

    Updating Applications Whenever you access the App Store, it checks for updates to applications you’ve installed. The App Store also automatically checks for updates every week. The App Store icon shows the total number of application updates available. If an update is available and you access the App Store, the Updates screen appears immediately.

  • Page 66: Chapter 6: Mail, Setting Up Email Accounts, Sending Email

    Mail Mail works with MobileMe, Microsoft Exchange, and many of the most popular email systems—including Yahoo! Mail, Google email, and AOL—as well as other industry- standard POP3 and IMAP email systems. You can send and receive embedded photos and graphics, and view PDFs and other attachments. To download and send messages in Mail, iPod touch must join a Wi-Fi network that is connected to the Internet.

  • Page 67: Checking And Reading Email

    Tap Cc/Bcc/From if you want to copy or blind copy the message to others, or change the account you send the message from. If you have more than one email account, you can tap the From field to change the account you’re sending from. Enter a subject, then your message.

  • Page 68

    Check for new messages: Choose a mailbox or tap On each account screen, you can see the number of unread messages in each mailbox. Tap a mailbox to see its messages. Unread messages have a blue dot When you open a mailbox, Mail loads the number of most recent messages specified in your Mail settings, if the messages haven’t already been loaded automatically.

  • Page 69

    Follow a link See a link’s destination address iPod touch displays picture attachments in many commonly used formats (JPEG, GIF, and TIFF) inline with the text in email messages. iPod touch can play many audio attachments (such as MP3, AAC, WAV, and AIFF). You can download and view files (such as PDF, webpage, text, Pages, Keynote, Numbers, and Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents) attached to messages you receive.

  • Page 70

    .pdf .ppt .pptx .rtf .txt .vcf .xls .xlsx Save an attached photo to your Saved Photos album: Tap the photo, then tap Save Image. If the photo hasn’t been downloaded yet, tap the download notice first. Save an attached video to your Saved Photos album: Touch and hold the attachment, then tap Save Video.

  • Page 71: Searching Email, Organizing Email

    Searching Email You can search the To, From, and Subject fields of email messages. Mail searches the downloaded messages in the currently open mailbox. For MobileMe, Exchange, and some IMAP mail accounts, you can also search messages on the server. Search email messages: Open a mailbox, scroll to the top, and enter text in the Search field.

  • Page 72

    Delete multiple messages: When viewing a list of messages, tap Edit, select the messages you want to delete, then tap Delete. Move a message to another mailbox or folder: When viewing a message, tap , then choose a mailbox or folder. Move multiple messages: When viewing a list of messages, tap Edit, select the messages you want to move, then tap Move and select a mailbox or folder.

  • Page 73: Chapter 7: Calendar, About Calendar, Syncing Calendars

    Calendar About Calendar Calendar lets you view individual calendars for your different accounts or a combined calendar for all accounts. You can view your events in a continuous list, by day, or by month, and search events by title, invitee, or location. You can sync iPod touch with the calendars on your computer.

  • Page 74: Viewing Your Calendar

    Viewing Your Calendar You can view individual calendars for your different accounts or a combined calendar for all accounts. View a different calendar: Tap Calendars, then select a calendar. Tap All Calendars to view combined events from all calendars. You can view your calendar events in a list, by day, or by month. The events for all of your synced calendars appear in the same calendar on iPod touch.

  • Page 75: Searching Calendars, Subscribing To And Sharing Calendars

    Enter your account information, then tap Next to verify the account. Tap Save. Apple provides links to a number of free iCal calendars—for national holidays or sports events, for example—that you may want to subscribe to. The calendars are automatically added to iCal on your desktop when you download them. You can then sync them to iPod touch as described in “Subscribing to and Sharing Calendars”...

  • Page 76: Adding Calendar Events To Ipod Touch

    You can also subscribe to an iCal (or other .ics) calendar published on the web by tapping a link to the calendar you receive in an email message on iPod touch. Adding Calendar Events to iPod touch You can also enter and edit calendar events directly on iPod touch. Add an event: Tap You can enter any of the following: Title...

  • Page 77: Responding To Meeting Invitations

    Responding to Meeting Invitations If you have a Microsoft Exchange account set up on iPod touch with Calendars enabled, you can receive and respond to meeting invitations from people in your organization. When you receive an invitation, the meeting appears in your calendar with a dotted line around it.

  • Page 78: Alerts

    Tap Attendees to see the other people invited to the meeting. Tap a name to see • an attendee’s contact information. Tap the email address to send a message to the attendee. Tap Alert to set iPod touch to sound an alert before the meeting. •...

  • Page 79: Chapter 8: Photos, About Photos, Syncing Photos And Videos With Your Computer

    In iTunes, select Movies in the Library list and select the video you want to sync. Choose Advanced > “Create iPod or iPhone Version.” For additional information, go to Viewing Photos and Videos Photos and videos (Mac only) synced from your computer’s photo application or saved...

  • Page 80

    View photos and videos: In Photos, tap a photo album. Tap a thumbnail to see the photo or video in full screen. Show or hide the controls: Tap the full-screen photo or video to show the controls. Tap again to hide the controls. Play a video: Tap To replay a video, tap to show the controls.

  • Page 81: Slideshows, Sharing Photos And Videos

    View video in full screen, or fit video to screen: Double tap the screen to scale the video to fill the screen. Double-tap again to fit the video to the screen. Pan around a photo: Drag the photo. See the next or previous photo or video: Flick left or right. Or tap the screen to show the controls, then tap Slideshows You can view photo albums as slideshows, complete with background music.

  • Page 82

    If you don’t see Paste a video in an email message: Touch and hold a video until the Copy command appears. Tap Copy. Go to Mail and create a new message. Tap to place an insertion point where you want to place the video, then tap the insertion point to display the edit commands.

  • Page 83: Assigning A Photo To A Contact, Wallpaper

    Saving Photos and Videos from Email Messages and Webpages Save a photo in an email message to your Saved Photos album: Tap the photo, then tap Save Image. If the photo hasn’t been downloaded yet, tap the download notice first. Save a video in an email message to your Saved Photos album: Touch and hold the attachment, then tap Save Video.

  • Page 84: Chapter 9: Contacts, Adding Contacts

    Contacts Adding Contacts You can add contacts to iPod touch in the following ways: In iTunes, sync contacts from Google or Yahoo!, or sync with applications on your • computer (see “Syncing” on page 9) Set up MobileMe or Microsoft Exchange accounts on iPod touch, with Contacts •...

  • Page 85: Searching Contacts, Managing Contacts On Ipod Touch

    Searching Contacts You can search first, last, and company names in your contacts on iPod touch. If you have a Microsoft Exchange account set up on iPod touch, you may also be able to search your enterprise Global Address List (GAL) for contacts in your organization. If you have an LDAP account set up on iPod touch, you can search contacts on your organization’s LDAP server.

  • Page 86: Chapter 10: Youtube, Finding And Viewing Videos

    YouTube Finding and Viewing Videos YouTube features short videos submitted by people from around the world. To use some features on iPod touch, you need to sign in to a YouTube account when prompted. For information about requirements and how to get a YouTube account, go to

  • Page 87: Controlling Video Playback

    Search for a video: Tap Search, then tap the YouTube search field. Type a word or phrase that describes what you’re looking for, then tap Search. YouTube shows results based on video titles, descriptions, tags, and user names. Listed videos show title, rating, number of views, length, and the account name that posted the video.

  • Page 88: Managing Videos

    Rewind or fast-forward Skip to any point in a video Stop watching a video before it finishes playing Tap Done, or press the Home Toggle between scaling a video to fill the screen or fit to the screen Add a video to Favorites using video controls Email a link to the video using video controls Managing Videos next to a video to see related videos and more controls for managing videos.

  • Page 89: Getting More Information, Using Youtube Account Features

    Getting More Information next to the video to show the video’s comments, description, date added, and other information. Rate the video or add a comment See more videos from this account Subscribe to this YouTube account Using YouTube Account Features If you have a YouTube account, you can access account features such as subscriptions, comments and ratings, and playlists.

  • Page 90: Changing The Browse Buttons

    Unsubscribe from a YouTube account: In Subscriptions, tap an account in the list, then tap Unsubscribe. View playlists: In Playlists, tap a playlist to see the list of videos you’ve added. Tap any video in the playlist to begin playing videos from that point in the playlist. Edit a playlist: In Playlists, tap Edit, then do one of the following: To delete the entire playlist, tap •...

  • Page 91: Chapter 11: Stocks, Viewing Stock Quotes

    Stocks Viewing Stock Quotes Stocks lets you see the latest available quotes for your selected stocks, funds, and indexes. To use Stocks, iPod touch must join a Wi-Fi network that is connected to the Internet. See “Connecting to the Internet” on page 35. Quotes are updated every time you open Stocks when connected to the Internet.

  • Page 92

    When you’re viewing a chart in landscape orientation, you can touch the chart to display the value for a specific point in time. Use two fingers to see the change in value over a specific period of time. Delete a stock: Tap and tap next to a stock, then tap Delete.

  • Page 93: Chapter 12: Maps, Finding And Viewing Locations

    See “Connecting to the Internet” on page 35. Important: Maps, directions, and location-based applications provided by Apple depend on data collected and services provided by third parties. These data services are subject to change and may not be available in all geographic areas, resulting in maps, directions, or location-based information that may be unavailable, inaccurate, or incomplete.

  • Page 94

    A pin marks the location. Tap the pin to see the name or description of the location. Locations can include places of interest added by Google My Maps users (“User- created content”), and sponsored links that appear as special icons (for example, ). Zoom in to a part of a map Zoom out Pan or scroll to another part of the map...

  • Page 95

    Your current (approximate) location is indicated by a blue marker. If your location can’t be determined precisely, a blue circle also appears around the marker. The size of the circle depends on how precisely your location can be determined—the smaller the circle, the greater the precision.

  • Page 96

    See a satellite or hybrid view: Tap , then tap Satellite or Hybrid to see just a satellite view or a combined street map and satellite view. To return to map view, tap Map. See the Google Street View of a location: Tap .

  • Page 97: Bookmarking Locations, Getting Directions

    See the location of someone’s address in your contacts list Add a location to your contacts list Email a link to a Google Maps location Bookmarking Locations You can bookmark locations that you want to find again later. Bookmark a location: Find a location, tap the pin that points to it, tap name or description, then tap “Add to Bookmarks”...

  • Page 98

    Do one of the following: To view directions one step at a time, tap Start, then tap • trip. Tap To view all the directions in a list, tap • a map showing that leg of the trip. Tap Route Overview to return to the overview screen.

  • Page 99: Showing Traffic Conditions, Finding And Contacting Businesses

    Tap the pin that marks a business to see its name or description. Find businesses without finding the location first: Type things like: restaurants san francisco ca • apple inc new york • Chapter 12 Maps , then tap Show Traffic or Hide Traffic.

  • Page 100

    Contact a business or get directions: Tap the pin that marks a business, then tap next to the name. From there, you can do the following: Tap an email address to send email to, or a web address to visit. •...

  • Page 101: Chapter 13: Weather, Viewing Weather Summaries

    Weather Viewing Weather Summaries Tap Weather from the Home screen to get the current temperature and six-day forecast for one or more cities around the world. To use Weather, iPod touch must join a Wi-Fi network that is connected to the Internet. See “Connecting to the Internet” on page 35.

  • Page 102: Getting More Weather Information

    Add a city: , then tap . Enter a city name or zip code, then tap Search. Choose a city in the search list. Switch to another city: Flick left or right, or tap to the left or right of the row of dots. The number of dots below the weather board shows how many cities are stored.

  • Page 103: Chapter 14: Voice Memos, Recording Voice Memos

    Important: To use Voice Memos on iPod touch, you must connect the Apple Earphones with Remote and Mic (included with Fall 2009 models with 32 GB or more) or a compatible accessory with microphone (such as Apple-branded earbuds or authorized third-party accessories marked with the Apple “Made for iPod”...

  • Page 104: Listening To Voice Memos, Managing Voice Memos

    Record a voice memo: to start recording. You can also press the center button on a compatible three- button headset with mic. Tap to pause or compatible three-button headset with mic to stop recording. You can record in either mono or stereo depending upon the external microphone you use.

  • Page 105: Trimming Voice Memos

    See more information: Tap next to the memo. The Info screen displays information about the length, recording time and date, and provides additional editing and sharing functions. Add a label to a memo: On the Info screen tap , then select a label in the list on the Label screen.

  • Page 106: Sharing Voice Memos, Syncing Voice Memos

    Tap Trim Voice Memo. Important: Sharing Voice Memos You can share your voice memos as attachments in email messages. Share a voice memo: On the Voice Memos screen or Info screen, tap Share. Choose Email Voice Memo to open a new message in Mail with the memo attached. A message appears if the file you’re trying to send is too large.

  • Page 107: Chapter 15: Notes, Writing And Reading Notes, Searching Notes

    Notes Writing and Reading Notes Notes are listed in the order of the last modified date, with the most recently modified note at the top. You can see the first few words of each note in the list. Rotate iPod touch to view notes in landscape orientation and type using a larger keyboard. Add a note: Tap , then type your note and tap Done.

  • Page 108: Emailing Notes, Syncing Notes

    Search for notes: Drag the note list down or tap the status bar to expose the search window. Enter text in the search field. Search results appear automatically as you type. Tap Search to dismiss the keyboard and see more of the results. Emailing Notes Email a note: Tap the note, then tap To email a note, iPod touch must be set up for email.

  • Page 109: Chapter 16: Clock, World Clocks

    Clock World Clocks You can add clocks to show the time in other major cities and time zones around the world. View clocks: Tap World Clock. If the clock face is white, it’s daytime in that city. If the clock face is black, it’s nighttime. If you have more than four clocks, flick to scroll through them.

  • Page 110: Alarms, Stopwatch

    Alarms You can set multiple alarms. Set each alarm to repeat on days you specify, or to sound only once. Set an alarm: Tap Alarm and tap . Adjust any of the following settings: To set the alarm to repeat on certain days, tap Repeat and choose the days. •...

  • Page 111: Timer

    Timer Set the timer: Tap Timer, then flick to set the number of hours and minutes. Tap Start to start the timer. Choose the sound: Tap When Timer Ends. Set a sleep timer: Set the timer, then tap When Timer Ends and choose Sleep iPod. When you set a sleep timer, iPod touch stops playing music or video when the timer ends.

  • Page 112: Chapter 17: Calculator, Using The Calculator, Standard Memory Functions

    Calculator Using the Calculator Tap numbers and functions in Calculator just as you would with a standard calculator. When you tap the add, subtract, multiply, or divide button, a white ring appears around the button to let you know the operation to be carried out. Rotate iPod touch to get an expanded scientific calculator.

  • Page 113: Scientific Calculator Keys

    Scientific Calculator Keys Rotate iPod touch to landscape orientation to display the scientific calculator. Changes the trigonometric buttons (sin, cos, tan, sinh, cosh, and tanh) to their inverse functions (sin , cos , tan , sinh . Tap 2nd again to return the buttons to their original functions. Opens a parenthetical expression.

  • Page 114

    log2 sinh sinh cosh cosh tanh tanh π Rand Chapter 17 Returns the log base 10 of a value. Calculates the sine of a value. Calculates the arc sine of a value. (Available when the 2nd button is tapped.) Calculates the cosine of a value. Calculates the arc cosine of a value.

  • Page 115: Chapter 18: Settings, Wi-fi

    Settings Settings allows you to customize iPod touch applications, set the date and time, configure your network connection, and enter other preferences for iPod touch. Wi-Fi Wi-Fi settings determine whether iPod touch uses local Wi-Fi networks to connect to the Internet. Turn Wi-Fi on or off: Choose Wi-Fi and turn Wi-Fi on or off.

  • Page 116: Notifications, Brightness

    Notifications This setting appears when you’ve installed an application from the App Store that uses the Apple Push Notification service. Push notifications are used by applications to alert you of new information, even when the application isn’t running. Notifications differ depending upon the application, but may include text or sound alerts, and a numbered badge on the application’s icon on...

  • Page 117: General

    General The General settings include date and time, security, network, and other settings that affect more than one application. This is also where you can find information about your iPod touch, and reset iPod touch to its original state. About Choose General >...

  • Page 118

    Add a new VPN configuration: Choose General > Network > VPN > Add VPN Configuration. VPNs used within organizations allow you to communicate private information securely over a non-private network. You may need to configure VPN, for example, to access your work email on iPod touch. iPod touch can connect to VPNs that use the L2TP, PPTP, or Cisco IPSec protocols.

  • Page 119

    Set the amount of time before iPod touch locks: Choose General > Auto-Lock and choose a time. Passcode Lock By default, iPod touch doesn’t require you to enter a passcode to unlock it. Set a passcode: Choose General > Passcode Lock and enter a 4-digit passcode, then enter the passcode again to verify it.

  • Page 120

    Turn off restrictions: Choose General > Restrictions, then enter the passcode. Tap Disable Restrictions, then reenter the passcode. If you forget your passcode, you must restore your iPod touch software from iTunes. See “Updating and Restoring iPod touch Software” on page 158. Set application restrictions: Set the restrictions you want by tapping individual controls on or off.

  • Page 121

    Set whether double-clicking the Home button shows iPod controls: Turn on iPod Controls to display iPod controls when you’re playing music and double-click the Home button. This feature works even when the display is turned off or iPod touch is locked.

  • Page 122

    International Use International settings to set the language for iPod touch, turn keyboards for different languages on or off, and set the date, time, and telephone number formats for your region. Set the language for iPod touch: Choose General > International > Language, choose the language you want to use, then tap Done.

  • Page 123: Music

    Reset network settings: Choose General > Reset and tap Reset Network Settings. When you reset network settings, your list of previously used networks and VPN settings not installed by a configuration profile are removed. Wi-Fi is turned off and then back on, disconnecting you from any network you’re on. The Wi-Fi and “Ask to Join Networks”...

  • Page 124: Video, Photos

    WARNING: Product Information Guide at Video Video settings apply to video content, including rented movies. You can set where to resume playing videos that you previously started, turn closed captioning on or off, and set up iPod touch to play videos on your TV.

  • Page 125: Store, Mail, Contacts, Calendars

    Store settings. You can change accounts on iPod touch to purchase music or applications from another account. If you don’t have an iTunes account, you can create one in Store settings. Go to for iTunes Store terms and conditions.

  • Page 126: Fetch New Data

    Changes you make to an account’s settings on iPod touch are not synced to your computer, so you can configure your accounts to work with iPod touch without affecting the account settings on your computer. Stop using an account: Choose “Mail, Contacts, Calendars,” choose an account, then turn Account off.

  • Page 127

    Turn Push on: Choose “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” > Fetch New Data, then tap to turn Push on. Set the interval to fetch data: Choose “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” > Fetch New Data, then choose how often you want to fetch data for all accounts. To conserve battery life, fetch less frequently.

  • Page 128

    Set whether iPod touch sends you a copy of every message you send: Choose “Mail, Contacts, Calendars,” then turn Always Bcc Myself on or off. Set the default email account: Choose “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” > Default Account, then choose an account. This setting determines which of your accounts a message is sent from when you create a message from another iPod touch application, such as sending a photo from Photos or tapping the email address of a business in Maps.

  • Page 129: Safari

    Safari Safari settings let you select your Internet search engine, set security options, and for developers, turn on debugging. General You can use Google or Yahoo! to perform Internet searches. Select a search engine: Choose Safari > Search Engine and select the search engine you want to use.

  • Page 130: Nike + Ipod

    To set whether Safari accepts cookies, tap Accept Cookies and choose Never, “From • visited,” or Always. A cookie is a piece of information that a website puts on iPod touch so the website can remember you when you visit again. That way, webpages can be customized for you based on information you may have provided.

  • Page 131: Chapter 19: Itunes Store, About The Itunes Store

    iTunes Store About the iTunes Store You can search for, browse, preview, purchase, and download music, audiobooks, TV shows, movies, and music videos from the iTunes Store directly to iPod touch. You can listen to audio or watch video podcasts from the iTunes Store, either by streaming them from the Internet or by downloading them directly to iPod touch.

  • Page 132: Finding Music, Videos, And More

    Finding Music, Videos, and More Browse content: Tap Music, Videos, or Podcasts. Or tap More to browse by Audiobooks, iTunes U, or Downloads. Choose a sorting method at the top of the screen to browse by lists such as Featured, Top Tens, or Genres. Search for content: Tap Search, tap the search field and enter one or more words, then tap Search.

  • Page 133: Purchasing Music Or Audiobooks, Purchasing Or Renting Videos

    Purchasing Music or Audiobooks When you find a song, album, or audiobook you like in the iTunes Store, you can purchase and download it to iPod touch. You can preview an item before you purchase it to make sure it’s what you want. Preview a song or audiobook: Tap the item.

  • Page 134: Streaming Or Downloading Podcasts

    Rented movies are available in standard definition only (not available in all regions). See “Watching Rented Movies” on page 53. Preview a video: Tap Preview. Purchase or rent a video: Tap Buy or Rent. Sign in to your account as requested, then tap OK. If you don’t have an iTunes Store account, tap Create New Account to set one up.

  • Page 135: Checking Download Status, Syncing Purchased Content, Changing The Browse Buttons

    Delete a podcast: In the Podcasts list in Music, swipe left or right over the podcast, then tap Delete. Checking Download Status You can check the Downloads screen to see the status of in-progress and scheduled downloads, including purchases you’ve pre-ordered. See the status of items being downloaded: Tap Downloads.

  • Page 136: Viewing Account Information, Verifying Purchases

    Change the browse buttons: Tap More and tap Edit, then drag a button to the bottom of the screen, over the button you want to replace. You can drag the buttons at the bottom of the screen left or right to rearrange them. When you finish, tap Done.

  • Page 137: Chapter 20: Nike + Ipod, Activating Nike + Ipod

    Nike + iPod Activating Nike + iPod When activated in Settings, the Nike + iPod application appears on the Home screen (not available on first-generation iPod touch). With a Nike + iPod Sensor (sold separately), the Nike + iPod application provides audible feedback on your speed, distance, time elapsed, and calories burned during a running or walking workout.

  • Page 138: Additional Nike + Ipod Settings

    Additional Nike + iPod Settings In Settings, choose Nike + iPod to activate and adjust settings for the Nike + iPod application. Choose a PowerSong: Choose PowerSong and select a song from your music library. Turn spoken feedback on or off: Choose Spoken Feedback and select a male or female voice to accompany your workout, or Off to turn off spoken feedback.

  • Page 139: Chapter 21: Accessibility, Accessibility Features

    VoiceOver users. For more information about the accessibility features of iPod touch, go to Each accessibility feature can be turned on or off in the Accessibility settings on iPod touch. You can also turn accessibility features on or off in iTunes when iPod touch is connected to your computer.

  • Page 140: Voiceover

    Select the accessibility features that you want to use and click OK. VoiceOver VoiceOver describes aloud what appears onscreen, so that you can use iPod touch without seeing it. VoiceOver speaks in the language specified in International settings, which may be influenced by the Region Locale setting. Note: VoiceOver isn’t available in all languages.

  • Page 141

    Turn spoken hints on or off: In Settings, choose General > Accessibility > VoiceOver, and tap the Speak Hints On/Off switch. Spoken hints are turned on by default. Set the VoiceOver speaking rate: In Settings, choose General > Accessibility > VoiceOver, and adjust the Speaking Rate slider.

  • Page 142

    Here’s a summary of key VoiceOver gestures: Navigate and Read Tap: Speak item. • Flick right or left: Select the next or previous item. • Flick up or down: Depends on the Rotor Control setting. See “Rotor Control” on • page 142.

  • Page 143

    The effect of the rotor depends on what you’re doing. For example, if you’re reading text in an email you received, you can use the rotor to switch between hearing text spoken word-by-word or character-by-character when you flick up or down. If you’re browsing a webpage, use the rotor to choose whether you hear text word-by-word or character-by-character, hear just the headers, hear just the links (all of them, visited links, or links not yet visited), hear form elements, or hear descriptions of images.

  • Page 144: Using Voiceover

    Using VoiceOver Select items on the screen: Drag your finger over the screen. VoiceOver identifies each element as you touch it. You can also move systematically from one element to the next by flicking left or right with a single finger. Elements are selected from left- to-right, top-to-bottom.

  • Page 145

    Mute VoiceOver Stop speaking an item Turn off the display while you use VoiceOver Speak entire screen from the top Speak from current item to bottom of screen Status information about iPod touch can be heard by touching the top of the screen. This can include the time, battery life, Wi-Fi signal strength, and more.

  • Page 146: Zoom

    Move the insertion point: Flick up or down to move the insertion point forward or backward in the text. VoiceOver makes a sound when the insertion point moves, and speaks the character that the insertion point moved across. Use the rotor to choose whether you want to move the insertion point by character or by word.

  • Page 147: White On Black, Mono Audio, Speak Auto-text

    Note: You cannot use VoiceOver and Zoom at the same time. Zoom in or out: Double-tap the screen with three fingers. By default, the screen is magnified by 200 percent. If you manually change the magnification (by using the tap-and-drag gesture, described below), iPod touch automatically returns to that magnification when you zoom in by double-tapping with three fingers.

  • Page 148: Triple-click Home, Closed Captioning And Other Helpful Features

    Triple-click Home Triple-click Home provides an easy way to turn some of the Accessibility features on or off when you press the Home Home to turn VoiceOver on or off, turn White on Black on or off, or present the options Turn VoiceOver on or off •...

  • Page 149

    In the Finder, choose Help > Mac Help, then search for “universal access.” For more information about iPod touch and Mac OS X accessibility features, go to Chapter 21 Accessibility...

  • Page 150: Apple Ipod Touch Support Site, General

    Troubleshooting Apple iPod touch Support Site Comprehensive support information is available online at ipodtouch. General Low-Battery Image Appears iPod touch is low on power and needs to charge for up to ten minutes before you can use it. For information about charging iPod touch, see “Charging the Battery” on page 36.

  • Page 151: Itunes And Syncing

    If that doesn’t work, reset iPod touch. Press and hold both the Sleep/Wake button • and the Home button for at least ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears. iPod touch Still Doesn’t Respond After Reset Reset iPod touch settings. From the Home screen choose Settings > General > Reset •...

  • Page 152: Sound, Music, And Video

    Download and install (or reinstall) the latest version of iTunes from • Contacts, Calendars, or Bookmarks Don’t Sync Download and install (or reinstall) the latest version of iTunes from • For push accounts, make sure iPod touch is joined to a Wi-Fi network that is •...

  • Page 153: Itunes Stores

    MPEG-4 (Simple Profile) • A song encoded using Apple Lossless format has full CD-quality sound, but takes up only about half as much space as a song encoded using AIFF or WAV format. The same song encoded in AAC or MP3 format takes up even less space. When you import music from a CD using iTunes, it’s converted to AAC format by default.

  • Page 154: Safari, Mail, And Contacts

    Then press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until the Apple logo appears. For additional troubleshooting information, go to and search for TS1426. If you still can’t send email, you can call an Apple Expert (not available in all countries). Go to for information. If Apple Expert is not available in your country, get a free GMail, Yahoo!, or AOL account and try forwarding your mail to that account.

  • Page 155

    In Settings, choose Wi-Fi and turn off Wi-Fi. For additional troubleshooting information, go to and search for TS1426. If you still can’t receive email, you can call an Apple Expert (not available in all countries). Go to for information. If Apple Expert is not available in your country, get a free GMail, Yahoo!, or AOL account and try forwarding your mail to that account.

  • Page 156: Backing Up Ipod Touch

    If you use a Bluetooth headset or car kit with iPod touch and you restore settings, you must pair the Bluetooth device with iPod touch again to use it. For more information about backups, including the settings and information stored in a backup, go to and search for HT1766. Appendix A Troubleshooting...

  • Page 157

    Restoring from a Backup You can restore the settings, application data, and other information from a backup, or use this feature to transfer these items to another iPod touch. Restore iPod touch from a backup: Connect iPod touch to the computer you normally sync with. In iTunes, Control-click iPod touch in the sidebar and choose “Restore from Backup”...

  • Page 158: Updating And Restoring Ipod Touch Software

    Click Update to install the latest version of the software. Or click Restore to restore. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the restore process. For more information about updating and restoring iPod touch software, go to and search for HT1414. Appendix A Troubleshooting...

  • Page 159: Safety, Software, And Service Information

    Open iCal and choose Help > iCal Help. See the documentation that came with those applications. First follow the advice in this guide and online resources. Then go to or see the Important Product Information Guide at Go to battery.

  • Page 160: Viewing The User Guide On Ipod Touch, Disposal And Recycling Information

    Your iPod must be disposed of properly according to local laws and regulations. Because this product contains a battery, the product must be disposed of separately from household waste. When your iPod reaches its end of life, contact Apple or your local authorities to learn about recycling options.

  • Page 161: Apple And The Environment

    Apple and the Environment At Apple, we recognize our responsibility to minimize the environmental impacts of our operations and products. For more information go to:

  • Page 162: Index

    Index 12-hour time 121 24-hour time 121 accessibility features 139 Mono Audio 147 setting up iPod touch using VoiceOver 8 settings 122 Speak Auto-text 147 Triple-click Home 148 VoiceOver 140 White on Black 147 Zoom 146 accounts 13, 125 “push” 15, 126 adjusting brightness 116 Adobe Photoshop 79 Adobe Photoshop Elements 11...

  • Page 163

    browsing album covers 47 App Store 60 iTunes Music Store 132 YouTube videos 86 businesses, finding 99 buttons, changing 54 cable, Dock Connector to USB 8, 18 cache, clearing browser 130 Calculator 112 scientific 113 Calendar about 73 searching 75 views 74 See also events calendars, syncing 9, 12, 73...

  • Page 164

    Genius, App Store 61 gestures, VoiceOver 141 getting help 159 getting started 7 Google search engine 129 Google Contacts 12, 152 searching the web 58 grab points 29 headset about 34 center button 22, 33, 34, 43, 44, 46, 47, 51, 52, 87, using with Voice Memos 103 headset button.

  • Page 165

    sending webpage addresses 57 sending YouTube video links 88 settings 125, 126 share contact information 67 signatures 128 storing email on iPod touch or server 126 syncing email account settings 9, 10 Yahoo! email account 15 zooming in a message 68 Maps adding location to a contact 97 bookmarking location 97...

  • Page 166

    power, low 37 previewing music 133 videos 134 problems. See troubleshooting purchased content syncing 65, 135 purchasing applications 60 iTunes content 41 music 131, 133 videos 133 push accounts 15, 126 reading email 68 rechargeable batteries 37 removing backups 157 rented movies 53 renting movies 11...

  • Page 167

    Mail 125 music 123 Nike + iPod 130, 138 notifications 116 passcode lock 119 Photos 81, 124 resetting 122 restrictions 119 Safari 58, 129 screen brightness 116 security 129 Shake to Shuffle 123 slideshow 81 sound 78 Store 125 temperature 102 TV out 124 video 124 VoiceOver 139...

  • Page 168

    TV signal settings 124 typing keyboard 27 in webpage text fields 57 undoing edits 29 unlocking iPod touch 23 unpairing Bluetooth device 35 unread messages, marking 70 unsupported audio file formats 153 updating iPod touch software 158 cable 8, 18 port 8 video settings 124 videos...

  • Page 169

    U.S. and other countries. Finder, iPhone, Multi-Touch, and Shuffle are trademarks of Apple Inc. iTunes Store is a service mark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. App Store and MobileMe are service marks of Apple Inc.

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