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Ways To Improve Print Speed In Windows - Canon BJ-200ex User Manual

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5. Select OK to close the Printer Setup window.
6. Choose Print from the File menu.
7. After making any necessary changes to the printing
It's a good idea to turn off the Print Manager if you are feeding
paper manually. To do so, clear the Use Print Manager check box
in the Printers dialog box within the Control Panel.
If you are feeding paper manually and using the spooler,
the printer goes off-line before printing each page to allow
you to insert paper.

Ways to Improve Print speed in Windows

To improve printing speed, you can try the following:
parameters, select OK to start the print job.
Turn off the Print Manager in the Windows Control Panel
This avoids the extra step of sending the print file to the Print
Manager and may increase your printing speed by as much as
25%, depending on the computer you are using. (See the next
section for details.)
Add a permanent swap file in Windows
Under the 386 Enhanced icon in the Windows Control Panel,
add or create a permanent swap file that is from 4 MB to 9
MB. The computer will be able to prepare the print file faster.
See your Windows documentation for instructions.
Avoid diffusion halftones
In the Options dialog box, choose Diffusion only when
printing final output or photographic images. Choosing Pattern
allows documents to print as much as 20% faster because the
computer does not need to compute to "best possible position"
for each dot.


Table of Contents

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