Samsung SCH-S720C User Manual: Voice Mail; Tty Mode; Roaming; Task Manager

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Voice Mail

All unanswered calls to your phone are sent to voicemail, even if
your phone is turned off, so you'll want to set up your voicemail
and personal greeting as soon as you activate your phone.
For more information, see "Voice Mail" on page 58.
TTY Mode
Your phone is fully TTY-compatible, allowing you to connect a
TTY device to the phone's headset jack. Before you can use your
phone with a TTY device, you'll need to enable TTY Mode.
For more information, see "TTY Mode" on page 93.
When you travel outside your home network's coverage area,
your phone can roam to acquire service on other compatible
digital networks. When Roaming is active, the
appears in the Status Bar of the display.
Tip: You can set your phone's roaming behavior. For more information, see
"Mobile networks" on page 91.
During roaming, some services may not be available. Depending
on your coverage area and service plan, extra charges may apply
when making or receiving calls. Contact your service provider for
more information about your coverage area and service plan.
Task Manager
Your phone can run applications simultaneously, with some
applications running in the background.
Use Task Manager to see which applications are running on your
phone, and to end running applications to extend battery life. You
can also uninstall applications from your phone and see how
much memory is used by applications.
Task Manager provides information about applications, including:
Active applications: View and exit running applications.
Downloaded: View and manage applications you've downloaded.
RAM: View and manage Random Access Memory on your device.
Storage: View usage for the phone's internal storage and SD card.
Help: Useful tips for extending battery life.
Roaming icon
Tip: You can also access Task Manager from the Program Monitor widget. For
more information, see "Widgets" on page 25.
From any screen, press and hold the
select Task manager.
– or –
From the Home screen, touch
Task manager.
Home Key, then
Getting Started


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