Installation; Location; Levelling The Unit; Free Space Requirements - Kenwood KNF55B17 Installation Instructions Manual

55cm total frost free fridge freezer
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When selecting a position for your unit you should make sure the floor is flat and firm, and the
room is well ventilated with an average room temperature of between 10°C and 43°C. Avoid
locating your unit near a heat source, e.g. cooker, boiler or radiator. Also avoid direct sunlight
as it may increase the electrical consumption. Extreme cold ambient temperatures may also
cause the unit not to perform properly. This unit is not designed for use in a garage or outdoor
installation. Do not drape the unit with any covering.

levelling the unit

To do this adjust the two levelling feet at the front of the unit.
If the unit is not level, the doors and magnetic seal alignments
will not be covered properly.

free space requirements

When installing the unit, ensure that 25 mm of
free space is left at both sides, 50 mm at the
rear of the unit and 25 mm at the top of the unit.
The door can be opened to the right or the left,
depending on which best suits the location.
Please ensure there is more than twice the width
and depth distance space of the unit to fully open
the door to a maximum angle of 130°.
Y mm
X mm


Table of Contents

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