Maintenance; Changing The Internal Led Light; Care When Handling / Moving Your Unit; Servicing - Kenwood KNF55B17 Installation Instructions Manual

55cm total frost free fridge freezer
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changing the internal LED light

The internal light is an LED panel that cannot be changed by the user. Please contact a qualified
service agent.

care when handling / moving your unit

Hold the unit around its sides or base when moving it. Under no circumstances should it be lifted by
holding the edges of the top surface.


The unit should be serviced by an authorised engineer and only genuine spare parts should be
used. Under no circumstances should you attempt to repair the unit yourself. Repairs carried out by
inexperienced persons may cause injury or serious malfunction. Contact a qualified technician.

switching off for long periods of time

When the unit is not in use for a long period of time, disconnect it from the mains supply, empty all
food and clean the appliance, leaving the door ajar to prevent unpleasant smells.


Condensation may appear on the outside of the unit. This may be due to a change in room
temperature. Wipe off any moisture residue. If the problem continues, please contact a qualified
technician for assistance.


Old units still have some residual value. An environmentally friendly method of disposal will ensure
that valuable raw materials can be recovered and used again. The refrigerant used in your unit and
insulation materials require special disposal procedures. Ensure that none of the pipes on the back
of the unit are damaged prior to disposal.
Up to date information concerning options of disposing of your old unit and packaging from the new
one can be obtained from your local council office.
When disposing of an old unit break off any old locks or latches and remove the door as a


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