Panasonic NE-2157R Operating Instructions Manual: Power Source Voltage Adjustment; How Does The Microwave Work

Commercial microwave ovens.
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Power Source Voltage Adjustment

The microwave oven Models NE-1757 and NE-2157
are factory set for 208 V operation. For 230 V - 240 V
operation, the following adjustment MUST be made.
(Step 1) Make sure that the power cord is unplugged
before removing the voltage adjustment
panel cover.
(Step 2) Unscrew the voltage adjustment panel cover
which is located on the back of the oven. Do
not remove any other parts from the oven.
(Step 3) Remove the white connector and plug the
black connector into the socket.
(Step 4) Store the unused white connector in the
rectangular opening.
(Step 5) Reattach the voltage adjustment panel cover
to the cabinet.
For 230 V - 240 V – Use black connector
For 208 V – Use white connector plug.
To go from 230 V - 240 V to 208 V circuit follow steps
1-5 above, except at step 3, plug the white connector
plug into the socket and store the black plug in the
rectangular opening.
How Does The Microwave Work?
Microwaves are a form of high frequency radio waves
similar to those used by a radio including AM, FM, and
CB. They are, however, much shorter than radio waves;
approximately five inches long. Electricity is converted
into microwave energy by the magnetron tube. From the
magnetron tube, microwave energy is transmitted to the
oven cavity where it is: reflected, transmitted and
Microwave are reflected by metal just as a ball is
bounced off a wall. A combination of stationary (interior
walls) and rotating antenna, located underneath the
bottom shelf and above the ceiling cover assure that the
microwaves are well distributed within the oven cavity to
produce even heating or cooking of foods.
Microwave pass through some materials such as paper,
glass and plastic much like sunlight shining through a
window. Because these substances do not absorb or
reflect the microwave energy, they are ideal materials
for microwave oven heating containers when covered.
During heating, microwaves will be absorbed by food.
They penetrate to a depth of about
Microwave energy excites the molecules in the food
(especially water, fat and sugar molecules), and causes
them to vibrate at a rate of 2,450,000,000 times per
second. This vibration causes friction, and heat is
produced just as you will feel heat produced if you
vigorously rub your hands together. The internal heating
of larger foods is done by conduction. The heat which is
produced by friction is conducted to the center of the
food. Foods also continue to heat by conduction during
standing time. ("carry-over" cooking)
Because microwave dissipate, much like sunlight as it
reaches the Earth's surface, they are not stored in food.
Radio Inference
Operation of the microwave oven may cause
interference to your radio, TV or similar equipment.
When there is interference, it may be reduced or
eliminated by taking the following measures:
Clean door and sealing surfaces of the oven.
(See Care of Your Microwave Oven found on page
Place the radio, TV, etc. away from the microwave
oven as far as possible.
Use a properly installed antenna, to obtain
stronger signal reception.
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