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Receive Modes - Canon Pixma MP530 User Manual

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Receive Modes

Select the receive mode according to your needs.
The machine cannot receive faxes when the power is turned OFF. Press [ON/OFF] to turn the
power ON.
The machine can receive faxes in any mode, such as copy mode (when [COPY] is pressed),
fax mode (when [FAX] is pressed), or scan mode (when [SCAN] is pressed). However, when
the machine received faxes in other than fax mode, they will not be printed immediately after
received but printed after about three minutes automatically. If you want to print the received
faxes immediately, press [FAX].
If You Want to Receive Only Faxes Automatically with Your Machine, or
You Have a Dedicated Telephone Line for Fax Use Only:
Select <FAX ONLY MODE >.
When you receive a fax call:
When you receive a voice call: You will not be able to answer the call.
The telephone does not ring when it receives a fax call. If you want it to ring, connect a
telephone to your machine and enable the <INCOMING RING> setting (see
RING" on page
If You Receive Mainly Voice Calls and Sometimes Faxes, or You Want to
Receive Faxes Manually:
When you receive a fax call:
When you receive a voice call: The telephone will ring. Pick up the handset to answer
For remote receiving:
95). You can also select the number of rings before the machine answers
The machine will receive the fax automatically.
The telephone will ring. Pick up the handset and if you
hear a high-pitched signal, press [Black] or [Color] on
the machine to receive the fax.
the call.
If you are far from your machine, dial 25 (the remote
receiving ID) on your telephone to receive faxes.
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Table of Contents

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