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Manual Redialing; Automatic Redialing - Canon Pixma MP530 User Manual

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Use the numeric buttons to enter the two-digit code (00-39) assigned to the number
you want to dial, then press [OK].
Redialing a Busy Number
There are two methods of redialing: Manual redialing and Automatic redialing.

Manual Redialing

To redial the fax number last dialed with the numeric button, press [Redial/Pause].
For details on memory sending, see
To cancel manual redialing, press [Stop/Reset].

Automatic Redialing

When using memory sending to send a document and the recipient's line is busy, your machine
will redial the number after a specified interval.
Your machine enables you to customize automatic redialing settings to suit your needs.
To cancel automatic redialing, wait until the machine starts redialing, then press [Stop/
Reset]. Follow the instructions on the LCD.
You can also delete the document from memory. For details, see
Document in Memory" on page
Customizing Automatic Redialing Settings
You can customize the following settings:
You can specify whether or not your machine redials automatically by setting <AUTO
REDIAL> under <TX SETTINGS> to <ON> or <OFF>.
You can specify the number of times the machine redials by setting <REDIAL TIMES> after
<AUTO REDIAL> is set to <ON>.
You can specify the time interval between redialings by setting <REDIAL INTERVAL> after
<REDIAL TIMES> is specified.
For details on the redialing settings, see
Documents Stored in Memory
If you disconnect the power cord, all the documents stored in memory are deleted. Send or
print all the documents stored in memory you do not wish to lose before disconnecting the
power cord.
Printing the MEMORY LIST
The machine can print a list of documents stored in memory (MEMORY LIST) showing the
transaction number (TX/RX NO.), transaction mode, recipient name, number of pages, date, and
transmission time of each document. This will help you select a document in memory you wish to
delete or print.
Press [FAX], then press [Menu].
"Sending from Your Machine (Memory Sending)" on
"TX SETTINGS" on page
"Printing or Deleting a
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Table of Contents

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