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Cleaning Your Machine - Canon Pixma MP530 User Manual

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Print Head alignment is performed automatically. However, you can align the Print Head manually if
the results of automatic Print Head alignment are not satisfactory (See
Manually" on page
The Cassette does not feed paper for aligning the Print Head. Load paper in the Auto
Sheet Feeder.
Ensure that the Inner Cover is closed.
Press [ON/OFF] to turn on the machine.
"Turning on the Machine" on page
Press the Open button to open the Paper Output Tray, and open up and set the
extension by pressing down the hollow on the front side.
Execute automatic Print Head alignment.
(1) Press [COPY].
(2) Press [Menu] repeatedly to select <4.MAINTENANCE>.
(3) Load a few sheets of A4- or Letter-sized plain paper in the Auto Sheet Feeder.
(4) Use [
] or [
A pattern is printed and the Print Head is automatically aligned. It takes about five
minutes to finish printing the pattern.
The pattern is printed in black and blue.
You can print the current adjustment values by selecting <HEAD ALIGN PRINT>.
When Automatic Print Head Aligning Cannot Be Executed Correctly
When automatic Print Head aligning cannot be executed correctly, the message <HEAD
ALIGNMENT ERROR> is displayed on the LCD.
"An Error Message is Displayed on the LCD" on page

Cleaning Your Machine

This section describes the necessary cleaning procedures for your machine.
Be sure to turn OFF the power and disconnect the power cord before cleaning the machine.
Do not use tissue paper, paper towels, or similar materials for cleaning. Paper tissue powders or
fine threads may remain inside the machine and cause problems such as a blocked Print Head
and poor printing results. Use a soft cloth to avoid scratching the components.
Never use volatile liquids such as thinners, benzene, acetone, or any other chemical cleaner to
clean the machine; these can damage the machine's components.
Cleaning the Platen Glass and Document Cover
Wipe the Platen Glass (D), the inner side of the Document Cover (white area) (C), the
transparent sheet (A), and the inner side of the ADF (white area) (B) with a clean, soft, lint-free
cloth moistened with water. Then wipe with a clean, soft, dry, lint-free cloth making sure not to
leave any residue, especially on the Platen Glass. If you have trouble getting the scanning area
clean, wipe with diluted mild detergent (for dish washing).
Chapter 8
] to select <AUTO HEAD ALIGN>, then press [OK].
"Adjusting the Print Head
Routine Maintenance

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Table of Contents

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