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Knowing When To Replace Ink Tank; Replacing Ink Tanks - Canon Pixma MP530 User Manual

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Knowing When to Replace Ink Tank

It is necessary to identify the empty ink tank by checking the message displayed on the LCD and
replace it.
Should missing characters or white streaks appear despite sufficient ink levels, see
Becomes Faint or Colors are Incorrect" on page
The message <INK LOW> appears on the LCD when the ink level becomes low during printing.
Press [OK] to continue printing.
Press [Stop/Reset] to cancel the current print job.
It's recommended that the tank should be replaced with a new one as soon as possible.
The message <CHECK INK> appears on the LCD when ink becomes empty during printing.
If printing has not finished, you can continue printing for a while by pressing [OK] with the
empty ink tanks installed. However, you will need to replace it with a new one as soon as
printing finishes. If you continue printing with an empty ink tank, it may damage the machine.
Press [Stop/Reset] to cancel printing. Replace the ink tank with a new one.
Printing will resume as soon as the ink tank is replaced and the Scanning Unit is closed.
Be sure to press [OK] with all the ink tanks installed. Printing does not resume if any of the
ink tanks are left uninstalled.
If you continue to print with an empty ink tank, the ink level will not be detected correctly.
If an error message is displayed on the LCD, an ink tank error has occurred and the machine
cannot continue to print. See

Replacing Ink Tanks

When an ink tank runs out of ink, replace it using the following steps.
To maintain optimal print quality, use an ink tank within six months of its first use.
Once an ink tank has been used, do not remove it from the machine and leave it out in the open.
This will cause the ink tank to dry out and the machine may not operate properly if it is reinstalled.
Color ink consumption may occur even when black-and-white or grayscale printing is specified.
Color ink is consumed in the head cleaning and deep cleaning, which are necessary to maintain
the machine's capabilities.
Do not replace ink tanks during scanning in documents. If you open the Scanning Unit (Printer
Cover) during scanning in, documents may not be scanned in properly.
Ensure that the machine is on.
Raise the Scanning Unit (Printer Cover) until it stops.
The Paper Output Tray will open automatically and the Print Head Holder moves to the
Chapter 8
"An Error Message is Displayed on the LCD" on page
"When Printing
Routine Maintenance

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Table of Contents

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