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Adjusting louver direction

Never move the louver (air direction up / down adjusting plate) which is operated on the remote controller with hands
except a case of cleaning the louver.
While the air conditioner is not working, the louver (air direction adjusting plate) is closed automatically.
During the preparation for heating, the louver is directed upward and it starts swinging after the preparation for
heating is cancelled though the swing display on the remote controller shows swinging even during this period.
The louver angle does not change immediately after the FIX button is pushed. Check the louver status, and push
FIX button after a while.
To set louver direction
Push FIX
button during operation. Louver direction
changes each time you push the button.
To start swinging
button on the remote controller. Louver
swinging appears on the display and louver direction
automatically changes up and down.
Heating mode
Keep the louver pointed downward so that discharged hot
air reaches the floor.
Cooling / dry mode
Keep the louver pointed upward. Otherwise, dew drop
may form around the discharge port and drop from the

Mounting remote controller holder

Direct the transmitter of the remote controller toward
the signal receiving unit.
When the signal is normally received, "Pi" sound is
heard once.
("Pi, pi" sounds are heard only when the operation has
The standard distance for signal reception is
approximately 8 m vertically against the signal
receiving unit.
The distance differs a little according to the capacity of
the battery or other factor.
Be careful there is not something to block the signal
between the signal receiving unit and the remote
Do not put the remote controller on the place exposed
to the direct sunlight or air from the air conditioner or
near the stove, etc.
Do not drop, throw, or clean with water the remote
The signal may not be accepted in a room where the
electronic instantaneous-ON type or inverter type
fluorescent light is set. For details, contact the shop
which you purchased the air conditioner.
To stop swinging
button once again while the louver is
swinging. The louver can be stopped at a desired
The louver angle does not change if the FIX button
is pushed during SWING operation. Stop the SWING
operation before changing the louver angle.
Do not operate the air conditioner for long hours with
the airflow direction set downward during the cooling
or dry operation.
Otherwise, condensation may occur on the surface
of the vertical airflow louver and cause dew dripping.
To use the remote controller
setting to wall
Check a signal is received correctly by pushing
START/STOP button at the position to be fixed.
Remote controller holder
Mounting screw
Setting method of remote
Put on.
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