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Canon Elura 2 Instruction Manual: Other Information And Precautions

Canon instruction manual digital video camcorder elura2, elura2mc.
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Other Information and Precautions

The camera formats MultiMediaCards in DCF (Design Rule of Camera File
Images recorded on a MultiMediaCard with this camera can be transferred to a
PC with the use of the following products:
PC Card Adapter: Holds a MultiMediaCard then inserts into the PC card slot
MultiMediaCard Reader: Connects to a PC, then accepts a MultiMediaCard.
FD Adapter: Holds a MultiMediaCard then inserts into a PC's floppy disk drive.
If you need extra MultiMediaCards in addition to the supplied one, use cards
made by SanDisk Corporation.
If you mistakenly erase the card mix sample images provided on the
MultiMediaCard, they can be downloaded from the following home page:*
* You will need a PC Card Adapter or MultiMediaCard Reader to be able to
download to a MultiMediaCard.
MultiMediaCard operating precautions
• If you purchase additional MultiMediaCards, format them with the camera, not
a PC or other device. There have been cases where MultiMediaCards formatted
with a PC or other device do not function properly.
• We recommend saving backups of MultiMediaCard images on your PC's hard
drive or other external memory device. Image data may be damaged or lost due
to a defect in a MultiMediaCard, or if a MultiMediaCard is exposed to static
electricity. Contents of a MultiMediaCard can not be compensated for should
data become damaged or lost.
• Do not remove the power source or the MultiMediaCard while the camera is
accessing (recording to, reading, erasing files from or formatting) the
MultiMediaCard card.
• Do not use MultiMediaCards in places subject to strong magnetic fields.
• Do not disassemble MultiMediaCards.
• Do not bend or drop MultiMediaCards, or expose them to strong vibrations or
external shocks.
• Do not get MultiMediaCards wet.
• Do not remove the MultiMediaCard's label or affix other labels. Affix labels to
the MultiMediaCard's case.
• Do not leave MultiMediaCards in places subject to high temperature or high
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found on most types of laptop PCs.



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