Safety Precautions - Sanyo LCD-26XZ11 Service Manual

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This service manual is only for service personnel to take reference with. Before
servicing please read the following points carefully.

Safety precautions

1. Instructions
Be sure to switch off the power supply before replacing or welding any components or
inserting/plugging in connection wire. Anti static measures must be taken (throughout the entire
production process!):
a) Do not touch here and there by hand at will;
b) Be sure to use anti static electric iron;
c) It's necessary for the welder to wear anti static gloves.
Please refer to the part list before replacing components that have special safety requirements.
Do not replace with different components with different specs and type at will.
2. LCD servicing precautions
2.1 Screens are different from one model to another and therefore not interchangeable. Be sure to
use the screen of the original model for replacement.
2.2 The operation voltage of LCD screen is 700-825V. Be sure to take proper measures in
protecting yourself and the machine when testing the system in the course of normal operation or
right after the power is switched off. Please do not touch the circuit or the metal part of the module
that is in operation mode. Relevant operation is possible only one minute after the power is
switched off.
2.3 Do not use any adapter that is not identical with the TV set. Otherwise it will cause fire or
damage to the set.
2.4 Never operate the set or do any installation work in bad environment such as wet bathroom,
laundry, kitchen, or nearby fire source, heating equipment and devices or exposure to sunlight etc.
Otherwise bad effect will result.
2.5 If any foreign substance such as water, liquid, metal slices or other matters happens to fall into
the module, be sure to cut the power off immediately and do not move anything on the module lest
it should cause fire or electric shock due to contact with the high voltage or short circuit.
2.6 Should there be smoke, abnormal smell or sound from the module, please shut the power off
at once. Likewise, if the screen is not working after the power is on or in the course of operation,
the power must be cut off immediately and no more operation is allowed under the same
2.7 Do not pull out or plug in the connection wire when the module is in operation or just after the
power is off because in this case relatively high voltage still remains in the capacitor of the driving
circuit. Please wait at least one minute before the pulling out or plugging in the connection wire.
2.8 When operating or installing LCD please don't subject the LCD components to bending,
twisting or extrusion, collision lest mishap should result.
2.9 As most of the circuitry in LCD TV set is composed of CMOS integrated circuits, it's necessary
to pay attention to anti statics. Before servicing LCD TV make sure to take anti static measure and
ensure full grounding for all the parts that have to be grounded.
2.10 There are lots of connection wires between parts behind the LCD screen. When servicing or
moving the set please take care not to touch or scratch them. Once they are damaged the screen


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents