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Setting Surface Controls; Indicator Lights (Coil Element Models); Ceramic Glass Cooktop (Some Models); Types Of Heating Units Used - Frigidaire FEC3X5XHCA Owner's Manual

Frigidaire fec3x5xhca: owners guide
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Setting Surface Controls

Note: The size and type of utensil used, and the amount and type
of food being cooked will influence the setting needed for best
cooking results.
Do not place plastic items such as salt and pepper shakers, spoon holders or plastic wrappings on top of the
cooktop when it is in use. These items could melt or ignite. Pot holders, towel or wood spoons could catch fire if placed too close to the
Indicator lights
Some models have an indicator light for each heating unit, other models have an indicator light for each pair of heating units, also some
other models have an indicator light for all heating units.
The indicator light glows as soon as a heating unit is turned on. Check if the indicator light glows when the control knob of the individual
heating unit is turned on. If the knob is set to a very low temperature setting, the indicator may glow and yet, the heating unit may not be
heating at all. If this happens, turn the knob to a higher setting until the heating unit comes on.
When cooking is finished, a quick glance at the indicator lights in an easy check to be sure all the control knobs have been turned OFF.
Ceramic Glass Cooktop
The ceramic-glass cooktop has electric heating coils located below the ceramic glass surface. The design of the glass cooktop outlines the
area of the surface heating unit below. Most importantly, make sure the diameter of the pan matches the diameter of the surface unit. Heat
is transferred up through the surface of the cooktop. Only flat-bottomed pans should be used. The type and size of the cookware, number
of surface units in use and the settings of the surface units are factors that will affect the amount of heat that will spread to areas surrounding
the units. The areas surrounding the units may become hot enough to cause burns.
The cooktop should not be used as a cutting board or work surface. Dropping heavy or hard objects on the cooktop may crack it. Pans with
rough bottoms may scratch the cooktop surface. Placing foods directly on the smoothtop surface (without cooking utensils) is not
recommended as difficult cleaning will result and foods may smoke and cause a potential fire hazard. Never use the griddle or similar cooking
sheet on the ceramic glass cooktop.


Depending on model, two types of heating units may be found under the ceramic glass cooktop:
regular (single coil) radiant elements of various diameters or shapes, plus expandable type (double coils) radiant elements of various
diameters or shapes.
halogen elements of various diameters or shapes.
1. Place the pan on the surface element.
2. Push in and turn the surface element control knob to desired setting.
3. The surface signal light will glow when one or more elements are turned on. Always turn the
element off before remov-
ing the pan.
The suggested settings found
in the chart below are based
on cooking in medium-weight
aluminum pans with lids. Set-
tings may vary when using
other types of pans.
(coil elements models)
(some models)
NOTE: Control knob shown is typical only.
MIN or 1
Type of Cooking
Start most foods, bring water to a
boil, pan broiling.
Maintain a slow boil, thicken sauces
and gravies, steam vegetables.
Keep foods cooking, poach, stew.
Keep warm, melt, simmer.



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