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Toshiba CAF-X83XPL Owner's Manual page 11


Product Warranty Terms & Conditions
4. The Warranty Period shall include time taken for repairs, replacements, testing of unit,
technical breakdowns, transit time etc;
5. The Warranty Period shall not be extended, renewed or otherwise affected due to
subsequent resale, repair or replacement of the Said Unit. Parts of the Said Unit replaced or
repa i red under the terms of this warranty are warranted only for the remaining period of
the original Warranty Period.
For attending any service call under this warranty beyond the Municipal limits of the
loca lity in which the authorized representative/dealer is situated (outstation locations), all
to and fro traveling and other incidental expenses as prevailing from time to time incurred
in connection with the visit of the service personnel, technicians etc., shall be borne by the
Purchaser and shall be payable in advance. Additionally, all expenses incurred by the
authorized representative/dealer in collecting the unit or any part thereof from such
outstation locations for repair and its return to the original location shall be borne
exclusively by the Purchaser.
7. While the Authorized Dealers/Company will make every effort to carry out repair and/or if
the part is not repairable then replacement of parts under this warranty as soon as the
com pia int is received, it is expressly made clearthatthe Authorized Dealer/Companyshall
not be liable to do so within any specified period of time.
lt shall be absolute discretion of the Company to-
(a) carry out repairs or replacement of parts whether at the site of installation or at any service
(b) replace the defective parts by functionally operating equivalent parts which may be
different from the one originallyfitted.
(c) retain any defective part or components replaced underthis warranty.
Limitation ofWarranty:
The Warranty is not applicable in any of thefollowing cases-
a. Defects arising due to failure of the Purchaser to follow the instructions given in the User
Manuał for installing, servicing, cleaning or operating the Said Unit;
b. The Said Unit is serviced, repaired, installed, de-installed, re-installed or otherwise
attended to by and person other that the authorized representative / Dealer of the
Any damage/fault caused due to accident, sabotage, tampering, improper handling or
treatment, carelessness, accident, fire, flood, earthquake or any act of God, or any
corrosive action on the original fittings, valves etc;
d. The Said Unit is used for any purpose otherthan the residential use of the Purchaser;
e. Any damage ca u sed by power surges and dips, improper electrical circuit outside the unit
or by any defective electrical supply;
lf the Said Unit or any parts thereof is damaged by insects, rats, pests or any other external
factors likefire, flood, earthquake, lighting and/or any other act of God/ natural calamities.
Product Warranty Terms & Conditions
g. Any defect due to substitution of original components with non-genuine components;
h. Damage to the Said Unit due to use of any ancillary equipment which is not authenticated
or recommended by the Company;
The serial number on the unit or any part thereof is damaged, defaced, altered,
obliterated, or tampered with or removed for any reason whatsoever;
lf the iron content is high (more than 0.3 ppm).
j .
1 O. The Company shall not in any event be liable for any indirect, incidental or consequential
loss or damages to either the said purchaser and/or his property or any other third party
arising out of the use or inability to usethe Said Unit.
11. The Company shall not be liable for any loss, damage, delay in repairs, and replacement of
parts due to factors beyond the reasonable control of the Company;
12. All claims under this Warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of the defective parts
only. The liability of the Company under this Warranty shall under no circumstances
exceed the price paid by the Purchaserfor the Said Unit.
13. None of the employees and/or dealers of the Company have the authority whatsoever to
vary the terms and conditions ofthis warranty.



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