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Protect the cable from heat, oil and
sharp edges.
The extension lead must have a cross
section in accordance with the oper-
ating instructions and be protected
against splashed water. The connec-
tion must not be in water.
Electrical Safety
Warning! Switch the
product off and pull the
mains plug before any main-
tenance or cleaning. The same ap-
plies when the mains cable is dam-
aged, cut or entangled.
Motor Protector fitted! Motor fit-
ted with safety overload protec-
tion. If motor stops working, allow
a few minutes to cool, before re-
If a cord becomes damaged during
use, disconnect the supply cord
from the mains immediately. DO
Your product is double insulated for
safety and requires no earth connec-
tion. The operating voltage is 230 V
AC, 50 Hz (for non-EU countries
220 V, 240 V as applicable). Contact
your Bosch Service Centre for details.
If in doubt contact a qualified electri-
cian or the nearest Bosch Service
For increased electrical safety use a
Residual Current Device (RCD) with a
tripping current of not more than
Bosch Power Tools
30 mA. Always check your RCD every
time you use it.
Keep the supply cables away from
moving hazardous parts and avoid
damage to the cables; this can lead to
contact with live parts.
The connections (plugs and sockets)
should be kept dry and off the ground.
The supply cables must be inspected
for signs of damage at regular intervals
and may only be used if in perfect con-
If the supply cable on the product is
damaged, it must only be replaced by
a Bosch Service Centre. Only use ap-
proved extension cables.
Use only extension cords, cables,
leads and cable reels that comply with
EN 61242/IEC 61242 or IEC
60884-2-7 and are of type H05VV-F
or H05RN-F.
If you want to use an extension cable
when operating your product, only the
following cable dimensions should be
– Nominal conductor area of
1.25 mm
or 1.5 mm
– Maximum length 30 m for a Cord
Extension Set or maximum length
of 60 m for a Cable Reel with Re-
sidual Current Device (RCD).
Note: If an extension cable is used it
must be earthed and connected
through the plug to the earth cable of
your supply network in accordance
with prescribed safety regulations.
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F 016 L94 042 | (17.09.2020)

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents