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Installation - Fetco CBS-2051e User Manual

Coffee brewing systems.
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Keys To A Successful Installation
If not installed correctly by qualified personnel, the brewer may not operate properly and damage may result.
Damages resulting from improper installation are not covered by the warranty.
Here are the key points to consider before installation:
All FETCO brewers require NEUTRAL. Ground is not an acceptable substitute. Installation without neutral
may cause damage to the electronic components.
Universal wiring: This brewer can be configured for single or three phase operation. Conversion
instructions are described later in this section.
The electrical diagram and universal wiring instructions are located on the inside of the lower cover.
The installation must comply with applicable federal, state, and local codes having jurisdiction at your
location. Check with your local inspectors to determine what codes will apply.
This equipment is to be installed to comply with the applicable federal, state, or local plumbing codes.
The water line must be flushed thoroughly prior to connecting it to the brewer to prevent debris from
contaminating the machine.
Verify that the water line will provide at least 1 gallon per minute for the CBS-2051, and 1.5 gallons per
minute for the CBS-2052 before connecting it to the brewer.
Utilize only qualified beverage equipment service technicians for installation. A Service Company Directory
may be found on our web site,
Installation Instructions
Brewer Setup
1. Review the Dimensions for the unit you are installing. Verify that the brewer will fit in the space intended for it,
and that the counter or table will support the total weight of the brewer and dispensers when filled.
2. The brewer's legs are shipped inside the brew baskets.
Remove the brew basket(s) and the coffee dispenser(s).
Place the brewer on its back and screw in the legs.
3. Place the brewer on the counter or stand.
4. When the brewer is in position, level it front to back as well
as side to side by adjusting the legs.
5. Remove the lower cover to access the water and electrical connections. Knock-outs are provided in the back
and base of the brewer body for the connections.
Water Connection
1. Water inlet is a 3/8 inch male flare fitting.
2. The brewer can be connected to a cold or hot water line. Cold water is preferred for best coffee flavor, but hot
water will allow for faster recovery times.
3. Install a water shut off valve near the brewer to facilitate service. If an in-line water filter is used, it should be
installed after the water shut off valve and in a position to facilitate filter replacement.
4. Flush the water supply line and filter before connecting it to the brewer.
5. Verify that the water line will provide at least 1 gallon per minute for the CBS-2051, and 1.5 gallons per minute
for the CBS-2052, and that the water pressure is between 20 and 75 psig.
6. Use a wrench on the factory fitting when connecting the incoming water line. This will reduce stress on the
internal connections and reduce the possibility of leaks developing after the install has been completed.


(For Qualified Service Technicians Only)
Warning: Legs are to be adjusted for
leveling the brewer only. Do not use
for height adjustment or extend them
higher than necessary.


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