Troubleshooting; Service Information - Black & Decker BDC8-LA Instruction Manual

Thermoelectric cooler/warmer
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Available languages

Unit does not turn on.
Your cooler does not function
(plug is inserted, LED does not glow
after sliding the switch to cool or
Your cooler does not cool (plug
is inserted, LED glows).
Your cooler does not heat (plug
is inserted, LED glows).
Operation with a 12V socket
(Cigarette Lighter): The ignition
is on and the cooler is not working.
Pull the plug out of the socket and
make the following checks.


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There is no voltage flowing
from the 12V socket (cigarette
lighter) in your vehicle.
The inner fan or the cooling
element is defective.
The inner fan or the heating
element is defective.
The cigarette lighter socket is
dirty. This results in a poor
electrical contact. The fuse of the
12V plug has blown. The vehicle
fuse has blown.
Make sure vehicle is running or the
ignition is in the "accessories" position.
Ensure adapter is correctly installed.
Check fuse in the tip of the cigarette
lighter adapter. Replace if needed.
Check fuse for the vehicle cigarette
lighter. Replace if needed.
The ignition must be switched
on in most vehicles for voltage
to flow at the cigarette lighter.
Try using another plug socket.
This can only be repaired by an
authorised customer services unit.
This can only be repaired by an
authorised customer services unit.
If the plug of your cooler becomes very
warm in the cigarette lighter socket,
either the socket must be cleaned or the
plug has not been
assembled correctly. Replace the fuse
(6.3A) in the 12V plug. Replace the
vehicle's 12V socket fuse (usually 15A).
(Please refer to the operating manual of
your vehicle)


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents