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Viewing A Slide Show - Epson Livingstation LS47P2 Quick Setup Manual

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After a few seconds, the Photo screen appears. It displays the
photos on your card and outlines the first one in gold:
If the photo viewer doesn't come up automatically, press the
Photo View
button on the TV panel or remote control.
To select a different photo, press the Prev. <, Next >,
, or Select
To enlarge a photo, press the Enter button.
To zoom into the photo further, press the Photo Zoom +
button. Use the Prev. <, Next >, Select
Press Photo Zoom – to zoom back out.
To rotate a photo, press the Rotate button when the photo isn't zoomed.
Press the Exit button when you're done.

Viewing a Slide Show

You can view your photos automatically, for a few seconds each, by running a slide show. You can view all the photos or
just selected ones.
Press the 2 button on the remote control. The Slide Show
menu on the left of the screen opens:
To view all your photos in a slide show, press Enter
to select View Slide Show.
The first photo is enlarged and appears on the screen.
It displays for 3 seconds, then the next photo is displayed.
To end the slide show, press Exit.
Selecting a Photo and Printing It
You can print one photo at a time from a digital photo card (memory card) or CD-R/RW.
Press Prev.
, Next
If you want to print your photo cropped, zoom into it as described above. Only the part you see on the screen will
be printed.
Press the Print button on the TV panel or remote control.
You see the Print Settings screen:
To print one copy of the photo, press Enter.
To print multiple copies, press Next
in the Copies box is correct. Then press Enter. After a
moment, printing starts.
During printing, the Printer light flashes. When printing is
finished, the Printer light turns off.
To print additional photos, repeat these steps. You can send multiple photos for printing at one time,
up to 15 photos.
If you see a printing error message, select Yes to check for the problem. Then follow the on-screen instructions to
solve the problem and continue printing. For additional help, see your User's Guide.
When you're finished printing, remove the borders from the edges of your photo by bending them back and forth
and tearing them off.
Storing Photos on a CD
Before you save photos on a CD, make sure the external CD-R/RW drive is plugged in and turned on.
Make sure that your disc can be written to at 4X speed. Some high-speed discs don't support 4X writiing, so check your disc
specifications before inserting it into the drive. See your User's Guide for additional details on supported discs and formats.
Press the eject button on the drive to open the tray.
Place a new, blank CD-R/RW disc on the tray with the label
side facing up. Make sure the disc lays flat in the tray.
Press the eject button again to close the tray.
Always use the eject button to open and close the tray. Pushing in
the tray may damage the drive and your disc.
Press the 3 button on the remote control to open the
CD-R/RW Writer menu.
To write all of the photos on your digital photo card to the
CD, press Enter to select Write to CD-R/RW.
You see a confirmation message. Press Enter to select Yes
or press Exit to cancel.
You see a writing confirmation message while your photos
are written to the CD and the drive light flashes.
When it's finished, the CD tray opens and you see a completion message. Press Enter.
, Select
, or Select
until the number
, and Select
buttons to adjust the viewing position.
to highlight the photo you want to print.



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