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Operation - Black & Decker BDINF12-LA Instruction Manual

12v inflator


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f Use a tire gauge to check the tires pressure before
each use and while inflating tires.
Warning! Risk of unsafe operation.
f Do not modify or attempt to repair. Never drill into,
weld, or make any modifications to the inflator or its
f Operate only with the accessories included or air
handling parts acceptable for not less than 160 psi.
The use of any accessory not recommended for use
with this tool could be hazardous.
f Never "horseplay." High pressure air is dangerous.
Don't direct air-flow at yourself or others.
Warning! Always leave the valve adaptor lever open
when not in use.
Warning! Risk of fire:
f Inflator can become hot during use. Allow inflator to
cool 30 minutes before storing away.
If liquid crystal comes in contact with your skin:
f Wash area off completely with plenty of water. Remove
contaminated clothing.
If liquid crystal gets into your eye:
f Flush the affected eye with clean water and then seek
medical attention.
If liquid crystal is swallowed:
f Flush your mouth thoroughly with water. Drink large
quantities of water and induce vomiting. Then seek
medical attention.
f Wrap the 12V DC cord around the cord retainer (13)
and snap the 12V DC connector 12 into its storage
location on the cord retainer.
f The high-pressure hose (8) is located in a storage
channel around the face of the unit. Open the lever
on the valve adapter (9) and slide the adapter over the
nub (15) inside the channel. Close the lever to latch the
adapter to the nub.
f The accessories are stored on the face of the unit
inside the accessory storage area (14).
f The high-volume hose (10) is stored around the edge
of the unit and snaps into position at both ends.
Universal valve adapter (Fig. B)
Your inflator is supplied with the standard tapered nozzle
(15 and 16), and the needle inflator nozzle (17), located on
the front of the unit.
f To use the universal valve adaptor (9), make sure the
lever is in the up position.
f Place the valve adapter over the stem of the inflator
needle or tapered nozzle.
f Press the lever (18) on the valve adapter down to lock
it in place.
f Place the inflation needle or tapered nozzle into the
item to be inflated.
Note: Always make sure that the lever is in the up position
when not in use. Operate your inflator only with the
universal valve adaptor or with the included nozzles.
Note: Make sure the universal valve adapter is firmly
locked in place before turning the inflator on.
High-volume hose (Fig. C)
f Remove the high-volume hose (10) from the storage
f Line up the notches (19) of the hose with the nubs
(20) of the high volume pump inflator connection (6).
Then, slide the hose on and twist counter-clockwise
to secure.
f To remove, twist the hose clockwise and slide hose off.
Many inflatables have an internal flap that prevents air loss
during inflation, especially air mattresses. Unless this flap
is displaced by the nozzle the inflatable will not inflate.
Push the nozzle firmly into the valve to make sure that you
push this flap out of the way.
Warning! Risk of Bursting. Excessive air pressure
may cause a hazardous risk of bursting or personal injury.
Check the manufacturer's maximum pressure rating for
items being inflated.
Note: If the pressure rating for the item being inflated
is above 100 psi, note that the maximum run time is 10
minutes, leave to rest for 20 minutes before reusing.


Warning! Do not operate the inflator when the car
engine is running.
Note: Make sure that your 12 Volt accessory socket is live.
On some vehicles the accessory socket may only become
live when the ignition key is in the accessory position.
Warning! Risk of Bursting. Do not leave unit
running unattended. Overinflation of tires and other items
could result in serious injury and property damage.
f Connect the 12V DC adapter (12) into your vehicles
12V accessory socket.
To turn on high-volume
The high-volume hose is meant to be used for objects that
hold large amounts of air, such as air mattresses, rafts,
and swimming pool floats.
Note: The high-volume mode DOES NOT have an auto
shut-off feature.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents