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If Something Goes Wrong; Before You Call For Service - RCA LVM1420 Owner's Manual

Over the range microwave oven


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Oven will not
Floor of the oven is
warm, even when
the oven has not
been used
"LOCKED" appears
on display
You hear an
unusual, low-tone

If Something Goes Wrong

Before You Call For Service

Possible Cause
A fuse in your home
may be blown or the
circuit breaker tripped.
Power surge.
Plug not fully inserted
into wall outlet.
The cooktop light is
located below the oven
floor. When the light
is on, the heat it
produces may make the
oven floor get warm.
The control has been
You have tried to start
the Reminder without
a valid time of day.
You have tried to change
the power level when it is
not allowed.
What to Do
• Replace fuse or reset circuit breaker.
• Unplug the microwave oven, then plug
it back in.
• Make sure the 3-prong plug on the
oven is fully inserted into wall outlet.
• This is normal.
• Press and hold CLEAR/OFF for
about 3 seconds to unlock the control.
• Start over and enter a valid time
of day.
• Many of the oven's features are preset
and cannot be changed.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents