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Electrolux Afuera Planning & Installation Manual page 7

Central cleaning system
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Screw plaster guard onto face of assembly
(See Fig. 18).
Drop bottom of tubing through 2-1/4" (5.7cm)
hole and nail stud mounting bracket assembly
to stud. Make sure center of inlet hole is at the
correct height above floor level and tubing
extends below sub-flooring.
Be sure to install a nail guard when holes are
drilled through the sole or top plates. This is to
prevent a nail or screw from penetrating the
vacuum tubing. Go to STEP 2 "Installation of
Tube System" and complete tubing system as
much as possible.
After the walls are finished and painted, the
plaster guards will be removed and inlet valves
installed. The tubing system may be completed
at that time and the power unit installed.
STEP 2: Installation of Tube System
(New or Existing Structure)
Starting at the inlet furthest from the power unit,
temporarily fasten the main line in position.
(Good idea: - From a nail or overhead pipe,
etc., make two loops of string or low-voltage
wire to pass PVC tubing through, to hold it in
position while you work.)
Push a length of PVC tubing up into bottom of
inlet valve assembly. Bear in mind, tube enters
all fittings approximately 3/4" (1.9cm). Measure,
cut, and slip-fit this vertical line to main horizon-
tal line with a 90 degree sweep elbow.
To avoid potential clogging problems when
installing tubing and fittings, here are some rec-
Always make straight cuts on tubing
Always remove burrs from end of tubing.
Be sure tubing fits against shoulder of fitting
with no gaps.
Glue tubing side only before assembly into
Connect additional inlet valves to main trunk
line with the 90 degree sweep tee (Fig. 19).
Be sure to install sweep tee fittings so sweep
is towards power unit (Fig. 20).
Always run branch lines, from sides or top of
main trunk line, never out of the bottom, as this
will create a trap for dirt to fall into.
Bring low-voltage wire along as you assemble
Join or splice wire with wire connectors at each
branch or junction in the tubing. Neatly tape
wire to tube. Proceed until the tubing system is



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