Cleaning The Lint Filter; Drying Guide - Electrolux EDV705H3WB User Manual

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1.3 Cleaning The Lint Filter

A clean lint filter reduces drying times, saves
energy and avoids overheating. Overheating
may also damage your clothes.
What happens If I forget to clean the lint filter?
You must clean this lint filter after every load.
Ensure the lint filter "Clicks" when replacing.
Never operate your dryer without the lint filter.
Do not allow lint to build around your dryer.
A torn or damaged lint filter must be replaced
Overloading can increase lint build-up
because the airflow is reduced.

1.4 Drying Guide

Your load, when dry must not exceed the rated
6.0 kg for the EDV605H3WB Dryer
7.0 kg for the EDV705H3WB Dryer
(See page 11 for a table of average weights
of laundry items)
Always check your labels for the drying
symbolwhich this international Care Labelling
Code now uses.
Permanent press and synhetics - take out
as soon as the dryer stops to reduce wrinkles.
Woollen articles - not recommended. Pull
themto their original shape, then dry them flat.
Woven and loop knit materials - may shrink,
by varying amount, depending on their quality.
Do not use the "Extra" setting for these fabrics,
Always stretch them out immediately after
Fibre or leather materials - always check the
manufacturer's instructions.
Baby clothes and night gowns - acrylic
clothing or sleepwear use only on the "Iron"
Rubber and plastics - Do not dry any items
made from or containing rubber or plastics,
such as aprons, bibs, babies' water proof
napkins, curtains, tablecloths, shower caps,
clothes fitted with foam rubber pads, pillows,
galoshes, or rubber coated tennis shoes.
Fibreglass - not recommended, glass
particles left in the dryer could be picked up by
your clothes the next time you use the dryer
and irritate your skin.

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Table of Contents

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