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The following table describes the parameters in this screen. Settings in boldface are the default and
suggested parameter settings.
Boot Display
Screen Expansion
Hotkey Beep
Fast Boot
Boot on LAN
Multi Boot Selection Menu
CPU Power Management Mode
Boot Drive Sequence
Setting the Boot Drive Sequence
The Boot Drive Sequence section lists boot priorities (1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th) for bootable drives in your
For example, the default value (1st:Floppy Disk, 2nd:CD-ROM, 3rd:Hard Disk and 4th: Realtek PXE2.0 Boot
Agent) tells the computer to first search for a bootable floppy disk in the floppy drive. If it finds one present, it
boots up from that floppy disk. If not, the computer continues to search for a bootable CD-ROM in the CD-
ROM drive. If it cannot boot up from the CD-ROM drive, it continues by booting up from the hard disk and etc...
To set the boot drive sequence, use the
z z
z / x
x x
keys to select the device for that priority level.
Chapter 2
Sets the display device during POST.
When set to Auto, the computer automatically
determines the display device. If an external display
device (e.g., monitor) is connected, it becomes the
boot display; otherwise, the computer's display screen
is the boot display. When set t Both, the compute
outputs to both the computer display screen and an
external display device if one is connected.
Expand the screen on the graphic/text mode.
When it is disabled, the graphic/text mode expansion
function is disabled and the graphic/text image will be
centralized on the LCD screen. If it is disabled, the
graphic/text image will be expanded to the full LCD
When enabled, the computer gives off a beep when a
hotkey (key combination Fn+
Allows you to define your system's booting process;
whether to skip some POST routines or proceed with
the normal booting process.
When it is enabled, the ACPI OS will communicate
with BIOS to decide the next POST is fast o
When it is enabled, a remote host with an appropriate
boot image can boot this computer via the internal
When it is enabled, the user can press F12 key to
enter the multi boot selection menu during POST. If it
is disabled, the F12 key function should be disabled.
When it is auto, system can support the stop clock
function. When it is disabled, system will disable the
stop clock function.
Specifies the order in which the computer starts up
from. See the section below.
w w
y y
keys to select a priority level (1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th), then use
o o
is pressed).
Both or Auto
Enabled or Disabled
Enabled or Disabled
Enabled or Disabled
Disabled or Enabled
Enabled or Disabled
Auto or Disabled
1st: Floppy Disk,
2nd: CD-ROM,
3rd: Hard Disk
4th: Realtek PXE2.0 Boot


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