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Sony PCV-RX551 VAIO User Manual Page 81

Digital studio computer.
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The computer uses high-frequency radio signals and may cause interference
to radio or TV reception. Should this occur, relocate the computer a suitable
distance away from the set.
Use only specified peripheral equipment and interface cables; otherwise,
problems may result.
Do not use cut or damaged connection cables.
Always switch the power off before connecting your computer to peripheral
equipment; otherwise, damage may occur to the integrated circuits in your
Your computer, keyboard, and mouse consist of high-precision electronic
parts. Do not drop them or bump them against other objects.
Your Sony computer will not work with party lines, cannot be connected to a
coin-operated telephone, and may not work with multiple phone lines or a
private branch exchange (PBX).
If the telephone company makes a service call to your home or office and
determines that your computer is responsible for the problem, the telephone
company may bill you for the service call. If you do not disconnect your
computer when it is adversely affecting the telephone line, the telephone
company has the right to disconnect your service until you correct the
Moisture condensation
If your computer is brought directly from a cold location to a warm one, moisture
may condense inside your computer. In this case, allow at least an hour before
turning on your computer. If any problem occurs, unplug your computer, and
contact your Sony Service Center.
Upgrading the computer system
The procedures described in the online manual, Upgrading and Maintaining
Your VAIO Digital Studio Computer, assume familiarity with the general
terminology associated with personal computers and with the safety
practices and regulatory compliance required for using and modifying
electronic equipment.
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Table of Contents

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