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Available languages

Placement of and connecting the
charging station
1. Place the charging station at a central position in the work
area, with a lot of open space in front of the charging
station and on a relatively horizontal surface.
2. Connect the power supply's low-voltage cable to the
charging station and the power supply.
3. Connect the power supply to a 100-240 V wall socket.
4. Place the robotic lawn mower in the charging station to
charge the battery while the boundary wire is laid. Set the
main switch to position 1.
Placement of the boundary wire and the
guide wire
1. Lay the boundary wire so that it forms a loop around the
working area.
2. Make an eyelet at the point where the guide wire will later
be connected.
3. Run the guide wire to the point on the boundary loop where
the connection will be made. Avoid laying the wire at tight
Connecting the boundary wire and the guide
1. Narrow passages in the yard make it difficult for the robotic
lawn mower to find the charging station. The robotic lawn
mower can be lead to remote areas using the guide wire.
The guide wire also helps the robotic lawn mower to
quickly find the charging station.
2. Lay the guide wire under the charging station and at least
2 m / 7 ft straight out from the front edge of the charging
3. Open the connectors and lay the wire ends in the recesses
on each connector.
4. Press the connectors together using a pair of pliers.
5. Cut off any surplus boundary wire. Cut 1-2 cm / 0.4-0.8"
above the connectors.
6. Press the connectors onto the contact pins, marked AL
(left) and AR (right), on the charging station. It is important
that the right-hand wire is connected to the right-hand
contact pin, and the left-hand wire to the left-hand pin.
7. Fasten the connector to the contact pin marked G1 on the
charging station.
Connecting the guide wire to the boundary
1. Cut the boundary wire with a wire cutters at the centre of
the eyelet that was made in step B.2
2. Connect the guide wire to the boundary wire using the
accompanying couplers. Press the couplers completely
together with a polygrip.
QG_P2_1142656.indd 6
QG_P2_1142656.indd 6

Starting and stopping

1. Open the hatch by pressing the STOP button.
2. Set the main switch to position 1. When you do this for the
first time, a start up sequence starts where you select a
four digit PIN code among other things.
3. Press the START button and close the hatch.
Press the STOP button.
Adjusting the robotic lawn mower to suit the
size of your lawn
The mowing results depend on the mowing time. Adjust
the mowing time to suit your yard using the Schedule
function. You decide what times during the day the
robotic lawn mower is to work.
Use the Weather Timer function and the robotic lawn
mower will automatically adjust the mowing time to the
growth of the grass.
Set the main switch to position 0 to disable the product
before all work on the robotic lawn mower's chassis, such
as cleaning or replacing the blades. Replace the blades
regularly for the best mowing result.
Never use a high-pressure washer or running water to
clean the robotic lawn mower. Never use solvents for
cleaning. Clean the product with a brush.
All connections to the charging station (power supply,
boundary and guide wire) must be disconnected if there
is a risk of a thunderstorm.
Fully charge the battery at the end of the season before
winter storage.
For more information and instructions,
read the complete Operator's manual in the
Automower®Connect app or on
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Table of Contents

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