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2 Software Installation

This chapter describes the runtime environment and installation and uninstallation procedures of
the X-618 Config software.

Run Environment

The X-618 Config software sends configuration data to devices within the system through the
network. The computer on which the software is installed must meet the following requirements:
Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 operating system
(The software is untested in other Windows operating systems.)
1GHz or higher CPU
At least 512MB RAM
At least 1GB of available disk space
10M/100M Ethernet interface
Running at 1024X768 resolution or higher
The software should be granted network access by firewall.
Software Installation
The X-618 Config software is easy to install by following an installation wizard.
Put the X-618 system CD into the CD-ROM drive, click X-618 System Commissioning Tool in
the Autorun view or double-click the installation program X-618 Config.exe, and the X-618
Config installation wizard window displays as shown in Figure 1.
Figure 1 X-618 Config Installation Wizard Page
Click Next. The
Select I Agree on the page.
Click Next. The information page is displayed.
Read the important information on this page before proceeding to the next step.
License Agreement page is displayed.


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